general hospital ryan carnes recast lucas matt trudeau
Credit: ABC screenshot

We never saw it coming. Heck, General Hospital didn’t even announce on air that “Today the role of Lucas Jones will be played by… ” On November 16, the daytime drama simply slipped into the part previously occupied by Ryan Carnes a new actor: Matt Trudeau, late of Chicago Fire.

Though there has been no official word from the show as to why the change was made or whether it is permanent, Daytime Confidential hears that Trudeau is here to stay. And while it would be a bummer to lose Carnes, who has played Bobbie’s son off and on since 2004, the daytime newcomer hit the ground running and made a great first impression.

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In intense scenes with on-screen dad William deVry (Julian), Trudeau more than held his own, giving as good as he got. There could be no mistaking the feelings of betrayal that underscored Lucas’ interaction with his father. Yes, Julian regretted his mistakes, and hell no, his son wasn’t going to forgive him (and, for that matter, neither was sister Sam).

It also didn’t hurt that it was clearly a case of love at first sight for the camera.

Longtime General Hospital viewers will recall that this isn’t the first time that Lucas has been recast. When Carnes left the show 16 years ago to recur on primetime’s Desperate Housewives, he was briefly replaced by Ben Hogestyn (the son of Days of Our Lives’ John, Drake Hogestyn). When the character was reintroduced to the canvas in 2014, Carnes reclaimed his former role.

While you’re here, check out a photo gallery of daytime’s all-time best recasts. If Carnes really is out and Trudeau keeps this up, we may have to add him to the list.