emme rylan speaks out GH status
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

On Tuesday October 27, as first reported by Daytime Confidential, rumors started swirling that Emme Rylan was leaving General Hospital as Lulu Spencer Falconeri. Later, the actress posted a photo on Instagram, wrapped in the arms of her partner and their three children, with the caption: “Some days are hard, and you just need your whole family to give you a hug.”

Been there.

On October 29, Rylan spoke out as best she could about her General Hospital status via video in an Instagram story… (You can read, in just about its entirety, what she had to say here.)

The actress took over her role on the ABC soap from Julie Marie Berman back in 2013 and has been front and center pretty much ever since. Recently, Lulu had found herself stuck between her ex-husband Dante, whom she clearly still loves, and Dustin, the man who helped her move on from the past — a past that has resurfaced.

Just before Cyrus had the Floating Rib blown to smithereens during November sweeps, Dustin had gotten down on one knee and proposed to Lulu. No sooner had he passed away than a shellshocked Lulu confessed her true feelings to her former spouse… and collapsed. Now, we’ve been informed by Lucas, she’s in a coma from which she might never emerge.

Needless to say, we will update you on Rylan’s General Hospital status as soon as she or the show make a definitive statement on the matter. In the meantime, you might like to read what she had to say in the immediate aftermath of the Floating Rib explosion (as well as review highlights of her run as Luke and Laura’s daughter).

– Amy Mistretta