Credit: FayesVision/ brings you dayplayers who appeared in parts for April and during spring on ABC’s General Hospital. For detailed casting of these roles, General Hospital casting calls, auditions and dayplayer roles for 2018.

Viewers will see Patrick J. Gibbons as Wyatt on GH.

Alan Rachins appears on GH as the judge in Carly’s Case, Judge James Horowitz, beginning on May 29 and has turned up as a judge various times since 2016.

General Hospital casts Cassandra James in a storyline surrounding some big players.

Lily Fisher returns to GH as Maxie and Spinelli’s daughter Georgie during the week of June 11 and was last seen on March 30.

Sally Brown is playing the role of Maxie’s newborn son, as reported by Soap Opera Digest, and first appeared on Monday May 21.

Herbert Russell booked an unnamed role on General Hospital.

Pressly Coker appeared on GH as Steven Blake in scenes with Franco beginning on May 7.

Matthew Jain played a paramedic on General Hospital on April 17.

Rafaella Biscayn played the Swiss assistant on GH on April 19. She played a reporter on The Bold and the Beautiful in 2016.

Hugh B. Holub played the Swiss bank manager Herr Bruhl on April 20 and 23 on General Hospital. He previously played Hayes on Days of our Lives in 2012.

Rachelle Goulding played model Rylie on GH in scenes with Maxie, Nina, Peter and Valentin on April 23.