brings you dayplayers cast in a few upcoming parts for February on ABC’s “General Hospital.” These parts are often for one or two episodes, though some may be recurring roles. The listed air dates may be off due to past pre-empts of the show, or because scenes were cut.

Lorin McCraley first appeared on February 26 as Cal, the man living in the vicinity of where Morgan died on General Hospital. His character appeared in scenes with Dante, Carly, Jason and Nelle. He also played Benny on The Young and the Restless in 2004.

Kristine Angela played a Kelly’s waitress on General Hospital on February 23.

Emily Hinkler (One Day at a Time, The Good Doctor) has booked a role on General Hospital. As of yet, no character details have been released.

Drew Fonteiro has booked another recurring spot on General Hospital to play Bob the messenger. The actor last appeared in the role on June 18, 2013.

Matthew Jain played a paramedic on GH on February 1. The actor was also on as a paramedic back in December.

Suanne Spoke, who played the bartender Rita in New York in scenes with Jason, Drew and Sam last summer, returns to General Hospital beginning on Monday February 5. She will be playing the girlfriend of Sonny’s father Mike, now played by Max Gail. Spoke’s return was reported by Soap Opera Digest.