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Soap Opera Digest has confirmed that Réal Andrews will be taking a temporary leave from General Hospital as Marcus Taggert. Primetime actor Asante Jones will step into the role beginning in mid-December.

Though there has been no explanation released for the ABC soap actor’s leave, or for how long it will be, back in December 2019, Andrews revealed he had undergone surgery for cancer at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. However, he shared a photo on November 21 from inside a gym captioned, “Boom lets go… Getting er done,” looking very healthy and positive.

As for Jones, this is his first big appearance in daytime, aside from a dayplayer role as a tour guide on The Young and the Restless in 2015. And considering Julian recently revealed to Cyrus that Taggert is alive, it will be a race for many not only to protect Taggert, but more importantly for Taggert to protect those he loves in Port Charles from Renault.

We invite readers to take a look at our gallery of soaps’ all-time best and worst temporary recasts, including many General Hospital characters.

– Amy Mistretta

About 6 hours ago

Mark Lawson gh dustin xj

Mark Lawson’s time on General Hospital has come to an end. In today’s episode of the ABC soap opera, viewers watched as his character Dustin Phillips died as a result of the explosion at The Floating Rib. His final act? Making romantic rival Dante promise that he will be there for Lulu. Before the show aired, Lawson took to Instagram to post the weekly promo video with the caption, “I hope you watch. Today’s episode is special to me.” Though it was a special episode for the actor, for fans who loved seeing him back in daytime, it was a sad, sad moment. Needless to say, another character met their fate as well when Dev died in the ambulance.

It looks as though the actor has been anticipating some of his final moments playing the Port Charles character. Last Friday, November 20 he posted a photo from outside the General Hospital studios to alert fans, “Think I’m on today and Monday! Let us know what you think!” Sure enough, he appeared both days, with Dustin getting down on one knee and proposing to Lulu on Friday, only to die in the next episode without ever knowing her answer.

It’s worth noting that her accepting the proposal wasn’t exactly a given, seeing how only moments before Lulu had admitted to mom Laura that Dante’s return had stirred up old feelings. In fact, it seemed that before being interrupted by her beau’s romantic gesture, Lulu had been about to suggest that slow things down in general and shelve their plans for him to move in with her and Rocco in particular!

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So many fans were happy when Lawson joined General Hospital in 2019, considering he was a big favorite on the now-defunct sister soap One Life to Live as Brody. We’ve enjoyed watching him as well and hope one day to see him again on another soap. (Here, you can read his thoughts on his “bittersweet” exit as well as his farewell message to his castmates — and us.)

While many fans will be screaming, due to Dustin’s demise, they might be hollering even louder when they review this comprehensive guide to all of the show’s recent — and imminent — exits.

– Amy Mistretta

Monday, November 23rd, 2020

GENERAL HOSPITAL GH ashton arbab dev abc

Well, so much for the idea of a full-fledged Trina/Cameron/Josslyn/Dev love quadrangle on General Hospital. In the November 23 episode of the ABC soap, Ashton Arbab’s Dev thanked Sonny for giving him a family, then succumbed to injuries that he sustained in the blast at the Floating Rib. (And he wasn’t the last casualty of the explosion, either; click here to see who else the bomb took out.)

Mind you, 17-year-old Arbab isn’t likely to be out of work for long. Even while playing Brando’s “son,” he continued to rack up outside credits, including a guest appearance on Raven’s Home and a lead in the Netflix movie A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting.

As far back as 2018, the young actor was establishing himself as one to watch: He won a role in Most Likely To, an ABC pilot that ultimately wasn’t picked up but that definitely suggested that he was going places. Its writer was Oscar winner Diablo Cody, and its cast included Donald Faison (late of Scrubs) and Yvette Nicole Brown (formerly of Community).

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So maybe for Arbab, daytime was more of a detour than a final destination. The singer/songwriter joined the General Hospital cast in March 2019 as the Turkish pickpocket in whom Port Charles’ bighearted don took a keen interest (to the point that he manufactured him a father in order to allow him to remain in the States).

Besides fans, Arbab’s exit is sure to bum out co-star Eden McCoy, who a year ago shared on social media that the two of them “have been friends since we were babies.”

While you’re already feeling blue, why not go all the way with the mood and review a photo gallery of all of the stars who have recently left — or are about to leave — Port Charles.

– Charlie Mason

Monday, November 23rd, 2020

Jane Elliot returns as Tracy to GH

Longtime General Hospital cast member Jane Elliot will be making her way back to the ABC soap opera once again as Tracy Quartermaine, as featured on the cover of this week’s Soap Opera Digest. Having held the role since 1978, she’s come and gone more frequently throughout recent years and last appeared in Port Charles on February 4 when Tracy left for Amsterdam after having had enough of all the drama surrounding Nelle holding shares in ELQ and living in the Quartermaine mansion.

There’s been a lot that’s happened while Tracy’s been gone — one major event was Nelle’s supposed death. Will Tracy arrive just in time for the family’s traditional pizza Thanksgiving dinner to fuel the fire when other secrets begin to unravel, like Ned waking up in bed with Alexis while Olivia was out of the country with Robert? Stay tuned for Elliot’s return date when it’s announced. For now, relive some of the highlights of Tracy’s life in our photo gallery.

– Amy Mistretta

Thursday, November 19th, 2020

gh danny jason

Looks like the Morgans of General Hospital are about to have a little family reunion. On November 18, Porter Fasullo Instagrammed a photo of himself outside the ABC soap’s studio and hashtagged it “good to be back.”

The young actor assumed the role of Jason and Sam’s son, Danny, from T.K. Weaver in 2019. Before that, the part had been played by a series of twins.

Longtime viewers will recall that drama has always surrounded the character. In fact, even before Danny was born, he was at the center of a huge conflict, as his parents were led to believe that Sam wasn’t carrying Jason’s child but Franco’s (back when he was James Franco and had the homicidal tumor that made him play sick mind games with expectant mothers).

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In 2017, Danny, who was among the first to be drawn to Drew as if he were Jason, learned that he’d been mistaken: Jason is Jason, and Drew was actually the boy’s uncle. Being a Port Charles kid, accustomed to sudden twists of plot, he took the news in relative stride.

Recurring cast member Fasullo’s comeback episode will air, per General Hospital spoilers, on Friday, November 20, when Danny reconnects with his dad. No doubt, it was a great day on the set for the whippersnapper, who calls his on-screen pop Steve Burton “Mr. Steve” and has said, “I look up to you so much.”

Heck, Fasullo sounds like he’s as big a fan of Burton’s as any of us. “You are funny and make everyone around you laugh,” Instagrammed Danny’s portrayer, “but also inspire them to do their best. I’m honored to be working with you!”

After Jason and Danny’s reunion, it appears that the show will refocus on other family dramas: For starters, the tenuous-at-best bond between Sam and her father, Julian. On Monday, November 23, she leaves him hanging — a move that, if his fate is as grim as we all suspect, could come to haunt her.

While you’re here awaiting Danny’s reappearance, ponder why his parents have yet to remarry and/or check out a photo-filled timeline of their epic romance. Bulletproof vests not included.

– Charlie Mason

Thursday, November 19th, 2020

parry shen practicing social distancing COVID-19 general hospital

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Parry Shen on General Hospital but on Wednesday, November 18 the actor resurfaced as Brad Cooper. Not only did Cyrus have Ryan attacked earlier this month, he’s set his sights on Brad in Pentonville as well.

Shen last appeared in Port Charles back in March when Brad was sentenced for his part in Nelle’s baby switch scheme and has been locked up in prison ever since. Now that Lucas is also back on the scene, in the form of a recast by actor Matt Trudeau, could we be seeing more to this story unfold? Keep watching but for now, take a look at our photo gallery of Brad’s life over the years.

– Amy Mistretta

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

Briana Lane exits GH as Brook Lynn BLQ

On November 16, we reported that Briana Lane is leaving General Hospital and her temporary role of Brook Lynn Quartermaine, aka BLQ. The actress alerted fans via social media shortly after her last episode had aired, sharing a photo from her last day on set with her Port Charles family, Wally Kurth (Ned), Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) and the ABC soap opera’s executive producer, Frank Valentini. She went on to express what it has meant to her playing the role of the feisty character as well as how lucky she felt to be surrounded by “such a gifted cast.”

Lane took over for Amanda Setton back in August during the actress’ maternity leave. While we wait for Setton to return as Brook Lynn, contemplate the characters besides Valentin with whom she might be having a baby and take a look at our gallery of soaps’ best and worst temporary recasts.

– Amy Mistretta

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020

general hospital ryan carnes recast lucas matt trudeau

We never saw it coming. Heck, General Hospital didn’t even announce on air that “Today the role of Lucas Jones will be played by… ” On November 16, the daytime drama simply slipped into the part previously occupied by Ryan Carnes a new actor: Matt Trudeau, late of Chicago Fire.

Though there has been no official word from the show as to why the change was made or whether it is permanent, Daytime Confidential hears that Trudeau is here to stay. And while it would be a bummer to lose Carnes, who has played Bobbie’s son off and on since 2004, the daytime newcomer hit the ground running and made a great first impression.

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In intense scenes with on-screen dad William deVry (Julian), Trudeau more than held his own, giving as good as he got. There could be no mistaking the feelings of betrayal that underscored Lucas’ interaction with his father. Yes, Julian regretted his mistakes, and hell no, his son wasn’t going to forgive him (and, for that matter, neither was sister Sam).

It also didn’t hurt that it was clearly a case of love at first sight for the camera.

Longtime General Hospital viewers will recall that this isn’t the first time that Lucas has been recast. When Carnes left the show 16 years ago to recur on primetime’s Desperate Housewives, he was briefly replaced by Ben Hogestyn (the son of Days of Our Lives’ John, Drake Hogestyn). When the character was reintroduced to the canvas in 2014, Carnes reclaimed his former role.

While you’re here, check out a photo gallery of daytime’s all-time best recasts. If Carnes really is out and Trudeau keeps this up, we may have to add him to the list.

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020

william devry exits GH

After weeks of hints which left General Hospital fans fairly sure that William deVry’s days as Julian Jerome were numbered, the actor seemingly confirmed the news in a Twitter-spree the evening of November 12. Things kicked off with deVry thanking members of the cast and crew “for all the love [the] last seven years” before going on to send individual messages to nearly all of them.

The story began unfolding after Daytime Confidential reported rumors that deVry and Emme Rylan (Lulu) would be exiting the soap. On October 27, the actor took to Twitter with a cryptic message which began, “Hey kids!! A lot of junk out there.” He went on to promise a Facebook update which never actually came.

Over the next two weeks, deVry kept us all on the edge of our seats, even going so far as to tease his last day on General Hospital. And then on November 12 came the tweet in which he began saying farewell to everyone from executive producer Frank Valentini to many of the actors with whom he’d worked since joining the soap.

deVry has played bad boy Julian Jerome since 2013, although he was first introduced as media mogul Derek Wells. It would eventually be revealed that Wells was the persona under which he’d been living since Julian’s supposed demise in 1990.

Recently, he’s been embroiled in the storyline surrounding the supposed death of Nelle Benson and trying to hide the fact that she had blackmailed him for his part in Wiley’s kidnapping. And, let’s not forget, deVry was half of one of General Hospital’s favorite couples, Julexis, opposite Alexis Davis. Prior to General Hospital, he appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful as Storm Logan, All My Children as Michael Cambias and Port Charles as Tim Dolan. No word as of yet as to exactly when he will last air or how Julian might leave the canvas. What we do have, however, is a photo-filled look back at Julian’s life in Port Charles since first he returned with deVry playing the role.

– Amy Mistretta

Friday, November 13th, 2020

wiley fan fiction gh

Child actors Theo and Erik Olson, who play Wiley on General Hospital, will be heading back to the ABC Studios to tape scenes soon, “if the test comes back negative…” Their mom confirmed on the boys’ Instagram, along with a photo of their studio security passes, “It has been exactly 8 months since the boys were last at GH because of the [health crisis]! We are overjoyed to be going back (if the test comes back negative)… GH’s set is extremely safe and they… test anyone going in to work!!”

Back in August, we reported that the kids had filmed scenes as Wiley from their home — with their mom behind the camera. We can’t wait to see their cute little faces back in Port Charles with Wiley’s on-screen dad Michael. However, let’s hope his mother Nelle doesn’t come back from the dead to scare the little tot! While we wait for the boys to return, take a look at our photo gallery of some of the most popular soap opera siblings.

– Amy Mistretta

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020


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