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Constance towers returns as helena gh

Last December, General Hospital’s Constance Towers was spotted at the ABC studios to tape some scenes and we were happy to see her return once again to reprise her role as Helena Cassadine in the Friday, January 21, episode surrounding Luke’s memorial.

The Port Charles character was last seen back-from-the-dead in February 2020. Fans will recall that it wasn’t long after Valentin had learned he wasn’t a Cassadine, as test results proved he and Alexis didn’t share any DNA, when Helena appeared in a vision. While he looked at his Cassadine ring, Valentin demanded that Helena divulge how she pulled off such a heinous lie.

Helena admitted that Mikkos believed he was his son, therefore she passed Valentin off as a Cassadine. When Valentin realized that Helena had placed the codicil in the portrait as a way to test Nikolas, and that she used Charlotte as a means to have a connection to Luke’s genetic line, in a fury, he smashed a bottle against the wall and Helena vanished…

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Though the character’s latest reappearance was all about her past with Luke, considering that not too long ago Victor revealed that Valentin was his son, which in turn made him a Cassadine by blood, Helena could very well return again to address past details from that storyline. And given that Nikolas and Spencer aren’t on the best of terms, she could very well find a way to get intertwined into that inner-family mess too!

Victor greets his son GH

Whatever the case, Helena never reappears without a reason — and we’re here for whenever that reoccurs again in the future. Take a look back in time as we revisit some of her wickedest moments in Port Charles.

— Amy Mistretta

About 10 hours ago

brad's aunt selina wu gh

If you’ve been wondering when we will see Brad’s aunt Selina Wu back on our screens or if she will be playing a bigger role in the Port Charles drama, we have a bit of an update to share with our readers. Soap Opera Digest has learned that Lydia Look has left General Hospital — but her exit will only be temporary, due to the actress taking an extended trip overseas. “The end of the year is when I always go visit my mother in Singapore,” the actress shared with the magazine. But that’s not all she had to report…

Look revealed that the ABC soap wondered when she would be returning to the States, to which she asked them to “please wait for me.” Casting Director Mark Teschner explained that the writers wanted to write for her character and Look made it clear that if it wasn’t for her mom she would have been in the studios in a heartbeat but that “December/January is always family time… and that comes first.”

However, have no fear, she “will be back!”

Selina issues an ultimatum GH

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So, what do you think the writers have in mind for Selina? It’s no secret that she disapproves of Britt’s relationship with her nephew and we all know Britt does what she wants — no matter what her BFF’s aunt says… so, there could be some issues there. Then there’s Selina’s relationship with Sonny… Though she helped Sonny avenge Jason’s death by having Peter poisoned, to which Brad confessed to, and in turn Sonny made it possible for her nephew to get parole, this is the mob we are talking about and sometimes frenemies can quickly turn into full-blown enemies.

While we wait for Look’s return, view our photo gallery filled with soap stars and the real reasons they left their shows.

— Amy Mistretta

Friday, January 14th, 2022

eden mccoy beach photos joss gh

School is hard enough for folks in the best of times, but it’s even harder when you’re trying to juggle it with a job. Throw that in in the middle of a pandemic, and it can probably seem nothing short of impossible at times.

General Hospital‘s Josslyn, of course, has been juggling school, a relationship with Cameron, a rivalry with Esme and all the rest of the Port Charles craziness with an enviable ease. But what her portrayer, Eden McCoy?

Back when she first made plans to go to the University of Southern California, the actress said she’d stay on the show as long as they’d let her. And so far, McCoy has been making college, volleyball and her role on General Hospital work — but that’s not necessarily a given the entire time she’s in school.

“School’s very important to me,” she shared with the folks of The Chat. “I’ve been on the show since elementary school. Of course it’s very hard. It’s hard on everyone. It’s different for everybody. You just kind of pick your battles.”

cameron josslyn trina GENERAL HOSPITAL - "Episode 14812" - "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Scott Kirkland)WILLIAM LIPTON, EDEN MCCOY, SYDNEY MIKAYLA


Having to pick battles does not sound easy. But McCoy’s made it this far, she said, because she’s “been lucky enough to have the people around be willing to work with me on it and support me in following both. I owe as much credit to the environment I’m in as myself.

So after having tried her hand at both for awhile, has she decided whether she’ll continue romancing Cameron and sparring with Esme as Josslyn? After all, we can’t be losing her now that Joss has finally made peace with her mob boss step-father, Sonny!

“I just love both too much to not do them both,” the actress told The Chat. “So that’s where I’m at with it. They don’t need to worry about me leaving, I just signed another 3-year [contract].”

Okay, now that’s exciting news! And we have to say, kudos to McCoy for not only making the decision, but being able to follow up on it. Her work on General Hospital clearly hasn’t suffered while she’s been attending college, so we can not wait to see more!

She ended the news by musing that “I just got really lucky.”

And so, truth be told, have we!

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As she noted, McCoy has been on the show since elementary school when she was just 11 years old. That means Josslyn is one of the few characters we’ve gotten to watch grow up in real-time, (mostly) free from the ravages of Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome. So as we look ahead to a future we’re now assured, let’s take a moment to look back at a gallery of Josslyn’s drama-filled past.

Thursday, January 6th, 2022

tracy reminds ned of what's important general hospital

Talk about kicking off the New Year with a stunner: The January 3rd episode of General Hospital ended with Laura throwing open the door to find Tracy Quartermaine standing there. And happy as we were to see portrayer Jane Elliot, the bombshell Tracy dropped was a stunner.

“It’s Luke,” she told Laura and Kevin. Then, following a pause so pregnant two babies could have been birthed during it, she swallowed hard and said, “He’s gone.”

Of course, we were left to wonder if she meant gone as in dead or, this being Luke Spencer, gone as in off on some adventure. Laura certainly seemed to take it as the former, given she gasped in horror. While we wait to see how things unfold, all we can do is cheer the return of Elliot and her alter ego, long a fan favorite.

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Ask fans to list some of General Hospital‘s most memorable moments, and those who’ve been around as long as we have will almost certainly include the 1980 scenes, which you can watch below, in which Tracy withheld her father’s heart medication in order to prevent him fro writing her out of his will. (As it turned out, Edward was faking in order to prove just how greedy his daughter could be.)

Elliot joined the cast in 1978, with Tracy arriving in Port Charles just in time for brother Alan’s wedding to Monica. From the start, the two women butted heads, although they would on occasion find a common ground… usually involving Alan. Despite Tracy being incredibly popular, Elliot left the show only two years later after a reported salary dispute. Storyline wise, Tracy married Senator Mitch Williams and relocated to Albany, New York.

Elliot would bring Tracy back into the fold in 1989, this time sticking around until 1993, at which point she packed up son Dillon and heading to Europe. (Years later, Dillon would be played by Scott Clifton, who can now of course be seen as The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Liam.) Since then, Tracy has made periodic appearances in town, although in recent years she has been largely off canvas with sparring partner/true love/occasional spouse Luke.

Elliot won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 1981, and was nominated (but did not win) again in both 1993 and 2014.

Because General Hospital currently plays its cards so close to the vest as to be inside it, Elliot’s latest appearance — not to mention the seemingly shocking reason for it — was a completely surprise to viewers. No word on how long either the character or actress will be sticking around this time. While we wait to see how things play out, join us in looking at just some of the legendary adventures Luke has had over the years.

Video: YouTube/Donna515

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

gh danny jason

It’s been a minute since General Hospital recast Porter Fasullo as Jason and Sam’s son, Danny, and now, the young actor is looking back at his stay in Port Charles with a heart that’s full of gratitude.

“I had such a great time being Danny” on the ABC soap, he Instagrammed. “I learned a ton and grew up a little bit, too!

“Thanks so much,” he added, “to [executive producer] Frank Valentini and [casting director] Mark Teschner] for the opportunity.”

Fasullo also gave a shout-out to his former co-stars. “To those I got the chance to work with at General Hospital,” he said, “it was an honor.”

Steve Burton, Porter Fasullo danny jason gh jj

In response, several cast members sent back their love to the up-and-comer who replaced TK Weaver in 2019 before being replaced himself this fall by Zakary Risinger. (Have a feeling we’ll one day be adding the character to our compilation of soaps’ most recast roles!) “Best of luck, my friend!” wrote William Lipton (Cameron). “It was a pleasure working with you. You are stellar!”

Hudson West, aka Jake, told Fasullo, “I will miss you!” and wished him “good luck on your next adventure!”

Scarlett Fernandez, who only recently was recast as Charlotte, expressed her feelings via emojis, a combination of hearts and tears.

Along with Fasullo’s post, he shared a series of backstage photos that reveal that he wasn’t exaggerating when he said he’d grown on the show. Check out his height against the sign behind him in the images below.

While you’re here, rewind and relive the year that was on General Hospital by scrolling through the photos in our 2021 mega-recap.

Thursday, December 30th, 2021

Rebecca budig returns as hayden captive gh

Many fans have wondered if or when Rebecca Budig would return to General Hospital as Hayden, and we first got a hint that Hayden might have been held in the same location as Drew in the Tuesday, August 24, episode when he heard someone screaming and nurse Chloe confirmed there was a mystery woman being held in another cell.

However, in a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, the actress addressed the one question that she’s been “getting bombarded with” as of late… Will she be returning to General Hospital? “Listen, I love [Executive Producer] Frank [Valentini], and Frank and I are friends, but I haven’t been asked back since I left the show [in 2019],” Budig told the magazine.

hayden is attacked on general hospital

We last saw Hayden in November 2019 when Nikolas saved her from being attacked on the docks. He convinced Hayden that Valentin was out to get her and the only way she could protect daughter Violet was to leave town — like he had done in the past to protect Spencer. It was later revealed that Nikolas had paid someone to scare her… and his plan worked! In the end, she dropped Violet off with the tot’s pop Finn and left Port Charles for parts unknown.

Nikolas offers Hayden help on General Hospital

So, why had Nikolas wanted Hayden gone? In essence, he feared she would help Valentin take over the Cassadine fortune, leaving Nik out in the cold. By driving Hayden out of town, Nikolas figured he could keep the interloper from gaining control of the empire.

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It’s safe to say that if Hayden were to return, Nikolas’ carefully constructed house of cards might come crashing down around his ears!

Do you want Hayden back in Port Charles? We do! Check out our gallery filled with photos of Hayden and reasons she should return — ASAP!

— Amy Mistretta

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

Scarlett Fernandez suffers injuries accident charlotte gh

On Monday, December 20, we reported that Scarlett Fernandez was leaving General Hospital and the role of Charlotte Cassadine after the actress confirmed the news on her Instagram. Viewers who watched the Tuesday, December 21, episode, received their first glimpse at the newly recast Port Charles character, played by Amelie McClain, as reported by Soap Opera Digest.

New Charlotte Cassadine GH

Of the role, Fernandez stated, “I’m super grateful for the opportunity that Frank Valentini and Mark Teschner gave me in 2016.” She went on further to say that playing Charlotte was her favorite role. “I’m sad it’s come to an end.” Fernandez shared how much she will miss the cast of the ABC soap, as well as the crew, and urged fans to support the new actress in the role before saying, “Thank you for all the support!”

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Some of Fernandez’s former castmates chimed in to wish her the best, including Brooklyn Rae Silzer (ex-Emma) who shared, “I have had the best times with you on set and off and will cherish our memories forever! Love you so much,” as well as twins Theo and Erik Olsen (ex-Wiley) who expressed, “We are so sad to see your time come to an end. We feel that sadness deeply! Sending you our love.” Mark Lawson (ex-Dustin) wanted her to know, “It was such a pleasure to work with you Scarlett,” and Jophielle Love (Violet) gushed, “I am going to miss you a lot! You were like a big sister to me on set! Be well. And maybe we’ll see you again later!”

We wish Fernandez our very best in her future endeavors and can’t wait to see McClain make the role her own.

In case you haven’t kept track, we have! View our photo gallery of all of the latest General Hospital exits.

— Amy Mistretta

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

Scarlett Fernandez GH

It looks as if Valentin’s precious daughter may soon contract a case of SORAS (aka Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome):  Scarlett Fernandez has confirmed that she’s exiting the role and indicated that a new actress has been hired to take over the role.

“I’m super grateful for the opportunity that [executive producer Frank Valentini] and [casting director Mark Teschner] gave me in 2016,” reads a post to Fernandez’ Instagram post. “Playing Charlotte Cassadine was my favorite and I’m sad it’s come to an end. I will miss my castmates and the crew and I know the fans will support the new actor playing Charlotte.”

Proving herself to be every bit as classy as the upper-crust youngster she’s played for the past five years, Fernandez ended her post by thanking fans for all of their support.

Somewhat ironically, Fernandez’ most recent post before the one in which she announced her exit was a flashback to her, standing in what appears to be the same spot, shortly after joining the cast in 2016. “I remember Charlotte wasn’t too excited about hanging out with Griffin that day,” she reflected of the scenes she’d shared with former co-star Matt Cohen.

Viewers will recall that from the start, Charlotte’s life was complicated, to say the least. At first believed to be the daughter of Claudette Beaulieu and Nathan West… or perhaps the aforementioned Griffin. But it would eventually turn out that she was in fact the daughter of Valentin Cassadine and Lulu Spencer, who’d never been romantically involved, after her egg was stolen, fertilized and implanted in Claudette.

Valentin joins Charlotte and Lulu at Kelly's

Above: There are the facts of life, and then there are the facts of Charlotte’s life.

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Like we said, it was complicated.

Needless to say, fans were stunned by the news. “You will be missed,” wrote mirscott99. “You gave the character of Charlotte Cassadine a beautiful foundation with your talent and commitment to the show. I hope to see your work in the future. Whenever production or show gets you will be just as lucky as General Hospital was.”

Almost immediately, speculation began to circulate as to what storyline might be coming which required the character to be aged… and whether perhaps some of the other youngsters on the show might have grown spurts as well. Some speculated that perhaps Charlotte’s mom was about to wake up from the coma in which she’s been languishing ever since being caught in an explosion at the Floating Rib in late 2020.

If your head is spinning from all the recent exits, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s why we’ve put together this handy-dandy guide to all of the folks who’ve checked out of General Hospital in recent months. Click here to make sure your favorite isn’t on the list!

Monday, December 20th, 2021

gh valentin GENERAL HOSPITAL - The Emmy-winning daytime drama "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH19(ABC/Todd Wawrychuk)JAMES PATRICK STUART, LYNN HERRING, DONNELL TURNER

If you’ve heard the big news, General Hospital’s James Patrick Stuart’s (Valentin) show Meet the Mayhems has been picked up by Disney. Along with the announcement, came worry from fans on whether or not his new series could impact his Port Charles role. Not to fear, this will not affect viewers from seeing Valentin on your screens.

Back in May, Stuart addressed the topic, “I am currently working on a Disney Channel comedy pilot. We film 15 minutes from the General Hospital stage so, should the show get picked up for series, and while it would create scheduling headaches for some very cool people, I have no plans to hang up Valentin’s dancing shoes any time soon.”

Fans were immediately relieved to hear the news and upon learning that the series had been picked up, Stuart’s castmate Finola Hughes (Anna) sent her congrats and love, to which he replied, “Thank you, Darling.”

So, what can we expect from his Disney series? Our sister site Deadline gave readers their first look at Stuart in the role of Vic/Kraniac as the story centers around a teenager named Havoc who stands tall against villains, which forces her family to relocate to a Texas suburb under new identities. While there, and with the help of a new neighbor, Havoc — now known as Amy — has to keep her superpowers hidden in the name of being normal.

We are excited to see the daytime fave in the role but while we wait, we invite readers to watch Stuart’s interview with fellow General Hospital vet Maurice Benard (Sonny) where he opened up about his darkest days at All My Children, the moment that changed his life forever and the “taboo” topic he’s happy to discuss.

And before you go, take a look at our photo gallery of other soap stars who did movies and primetime.

— Amy Mistretta

Video Maurice Benard: State of Mind/YouTube

Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

kristina lexi ainsworth GENERAL HOSPITAL - The Emmy-winning daytime drama "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH18(ABC/Craig Sjodin)LEXI AINSWORTH

General Hospital is bringing Kristina home just in time for both sides of her family to navigate complicated crossroads. In a recent Insta-story, Lexi Ainsworth, who’s played Sonny and Alexis’ daughter off and on since 2009, posted a photo from her dressing room and tacked on a telltale caption: “She’s back.”

Kristina’s return couldn’t come at a better time story-wise. The character, last on hand for Dad’s “resurrection” this fall, is sure to have thoughts on Mom’s job offer from half sister Sam. Will Kristina see Alexis as an idea candidate for private eye-hood?

kristina and sam face alexis GH

On the other side of Kristina’s family tree, the fit is about to hit the shan where Sonny’s Nixon Falls romance with Nina is concerned. Of course, the question remains whether or not Kristina will get a plot of her own or just support her embattled relatives.

Ainsworth originated her role nearly 20 years ago and has come and gone from it ever since. You may recall that, during the early 2010s, Walker’s Lindsay Morgan stepped in and, for a brief, weird moment, Kristina became a reality-TV star. Ainsworth tapped back in in 2015, setting the stage for Kristina’s coming out and that unfortunate incident that found her joining Shiloh’s cult.

Hey, we all have a past, right?

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While you count down to Kristina’s reappearance in Port Charles, untangle the twisted, twisted branches of the Corinthos family tree by scrolling through gorgeous photos that reveal who’s connected to whom — and how.

Tuesday, December 7th, 2021


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