Winifred Leeds (as played by Senta Moses on General Hospital)

Useful information about Winifred Leeds

* She 'geeked it up' as part of her job to try to get information about Damian Spinelli.
* She turned the information over to her bosses at the FBI.

Who's played Winifred Leeds over the years?

Senta Moses - (January 2, 2009 - April 30, 2009)

Past History

Winifred appeared on the scene as a computer geek who idolized Spinelli's cyber prowess. When she met him in real life she marveled over his skills and seemed to speak the same language he did. Maxie immediately turned green and forbade Spinelli to spend time with her because she surely was using him for something.

In the end, Maxie was right because although Winifred truly did idolize Spinelli, her job as an FBI agent was what brought her to investigate him. She had to turn over evidence that he broke laws as Jason Morgan's assistant.

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