Warren Bauer (as played by Bradley Cole on General Hospital)

Useful information about Warren Bauer

* Father of Kiefer Bauer.
* Vowed vengeance for his son's death.
* Shot up General Hospital.

Who's played Warren Bauer over the years?

Bradley Cole (March 17, 2010 - July 23, 2010)

Past History

Warren was the demanding father of troubled teen Kiefer Bauer. After Kiefer was run down with Alexis' car and died, Warren made it his job to seek justice. He also targeted Kristina, as he refused to believe that his son beat her. When he felt justice had not been served, Warren brought a gun to General Hospital and started shooting, hitting Mac and Ethan. As he turned his attention towards Kristina, Mac gathered enough energy and shot him in the back and killed him.


Kiefer Bauer (son with Melinda Bauer) (deceased)


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