Trey Mitchell (as played by Erik Valdez on General Hospital)

Useful information about Trey Mitchell

* Lived in Maxie's apartment with Starr Manning.

Who's played Trey Mitchell over the years?

Erik Valdez (June 11, 2012 - Friday August 09, 2013)

Past History

Trey was introduced to Port Charles as the producer of "Mob Princess" a reality TV show starring Kristina Corinthos-Davis. They were dating but the show put stress on their relationship. He moved in with Starr Manning but continued to put all of his attention on Kristina. After the TV show was canned, it was revealed that he was really the biological son of Joe Scully Jr., who wanted Trey to seduce Kristina into marriage as part of his plan to get revenge on his old enemy, Sonny.

Flings and Relationships

Joe Scully Jr. (father)
Unknown (mother)




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