Stella Henry (as played by Vernee Watson on General Hospital)

Useful information about Stella Henry

* Lived most her life in Baltimore, Maryland.
* Suffered a stroke due to stress, and has had strokes in the past.

Who's played Stella Henry over the years?

Vernee Watson (June 7, 2017 - present)

Past History

Stella Henry came to Port Charles to visit her nephew Curtis Ashford and great-nephew TJ Ashford. Stella raised Curtis and his brother Thomas, TJ’s father, after their mother passed away. She even gave up her own chance at marriage to do so, breaking off an engagement years ago with the man she still regards as her one true love.

Stella clashed with Jordan Ashford, who she blamed for the death of Jordan’s husband Thomas. Thomas died serving in the armed forces and was accidentally shot by his best friend Shawn Butler. However, Stella felt his death was due to his heartbreak and unable to focus after Jordan had an affair with Shawn Butler. Stella was later stunned to learn that affair produced TJ, who was not Thomas’ biological son. When Jordan and Curtis began dating, the stress caused Stella to suffer a stroke. Jordan and Curtis learned this wasn't her first stroke, and they broke up feeling it was best for Stella's health. However, the couple eventually reunited, even becoming engaged much to Stella's dismay.

Stella decided to make her stay in Port Charles permanent. She bought a house in the Charles Street neighborhood and took a job as a social worker at General Hospital. She has grown close to Sonny Corinthos while helping him care for his ailing father Mike Corbin, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Flings and Relationships

One mystery man, who she broke up with to raise her nephews Curtis and Thomas Ashford.


Curtis Ashford (nephew)
Thomas Ashford Sr. (nephew - deceased)
TJ Ashford (great nephew)




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