Stavros Cassadine (as played by Robert Kelker-Kelly on General Hospital)

Useful information about Stavros Cassadine

* Kidnapped and raped Laura Spencer in 1983. The result is their son, Nikolas Cassadine.
* Once used the name Lucien Cain as an alias.
* Once impersonated a monk.
* Killed Chloe Morgan and allowed Stefan Cassadine to take the fall.
* Tried to kill Lucky Spencer.
* Kidnapped Lulu Falconeri in 2013, then held Luke and Laura hostage on Cassadine Island when they tried to rescue her.
* Was thought dead after Luke and Laura locked him in a cryogenic chamber.
* Was thawed and brought back to life in 2014 by Victor Cassadine.
* Kidnapped Lulu again, determined to have her carry their child with an embryo he created from her egg and his sperm.

Who's played Stavros Cassadine over the years?

Robert Kelker-Kelly (June 1, 2001 - November 9, 2001; 2002; 2003; September 9, 2014 - present )
John Martinuzzi (November 17, 1983 - December 14, 1983)

Past History

Prince Stavros Cassadine was raised as a spoiled brat, doted on by his mother Helena. Obsessed with Laura Spencer, he kidnapped her, told her Luke was dead, and forced her to marry him. He raped Laura and she conceived their son, Nikolas Cassadine. Helena was filled with jealousy over her son’s obsession and helped Laura escape Stavros. After he found his obsession back with Luke, they watched Stavros die when he fell down some stairs and broke his neck.

Decades later Stavros was revealed to have been cryogenically frozen by Helena and after his revival he took aim at Port Charles, targeting Laura and his brother Stefan Cassadine. He learned of Stefan’s close relationship with Chloe Morgan, killed her, and set Stefan up for the crime.

Stefan and Laura realized Stavros was back and after Stefan escaped from jail he left Stavros for dead in a coffin at Wyndemere, but he escaped. After Helena trapped Bobbie, Stefan, Luke, Laura, Alexis, Nikolas and his girlfriend Gia under Wyndemere, Stavros tried to prove his love for Nikolas by showing him and Gia the way out. They escaped, and Stavros tumbled into a bottomless pit, once again thought dead.

When Lulu Spencer Falconeri disappeared in 2013, Luke and Laura teamed up to find her. They were kidnapped by Stavros and Helena and taken to Cassadine Island. Laura offered to trade herself for her daughter’s safety, but he was not interested in Laura anymore. Her daughter reminded him of what they once had and Stavros was determined to have it again. Dante came to the rescue, saved Lulu and Luke and Laura locked Stavros in the cryogenic chamber and thought they froze him to death.

Stavros returned in 2014, thawed out at the Crichton Clark Clinic by Victor Cassadine. He once again kidnapped Lulu, determined to implant her with an embryo he created using his sperm and her egg.

Flings and Relationships

Mikkos Cassadine (father; deceased)
Helena Cassadine (mother - deceased)
Stefan Cassadine (brother - deceased)
Alexis Davis (half-sister)
Kristina Cassadine (half-sister - deceased)
Anthony Cassadine (uncle - deceased)
Victor Cassadine (uncle)
Samantha McCall Morgan(niece)
Kristina Corinthos-Davis (niece)
Molly Lansing-Davis (niece)
Daniel Edward Morgan (great-nephew)
Petros Cassadine (cousin)
Spencer Cassadine (grandson)



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