Spencer Cassadine (as played by Nicolas Bechtel on General Hospital)

Useful information about Spencer Cassadine

* Son of Nicolas Cassadine and Courtney Matthews, who were both married to other people at his conception.
* Originally thought to be the son of Jasper Jacks, and was named John.
* Mother died after an emergency C-section delivering him.
* Both Jasper and Carly Corinthos tampered with DNA results to keep Nicolas from finding out he was really the father.
* Godmother was Emily Quartermaine.
* Was kidnapped by crazed nanny Colleen McHenry, then his grandmother Helena Cassadine who threatened to kill him.
* Asked Nikolas to marry Dr. Britt Westbourne as a Christmas present. The two had a very special bond.
* Gifted a Faberge egg to Emma Scorpio Drake that he was given by Victor Cassadine. They dated but he lost her to Cameron Spencer.
* Was badly burned at his 8th birthday party, but recovered.
* Was paid a visit by his mother's ghost who taught him beauty is not skin deep.

Who's played Spencer Cassadine over the years?

Nicolas Bechtel (May 16, 2013 - present)
Davin Ransom (2009 - 2011)
Rami Yousef (2008)
Lance Doven (2008)
Nathan and Spencer Casamassima (2006 - 2007)
Caden and Nicholas Laughlin (2006)

Past History

Spencer Cassadine was born February 20, 2006 during a deadly encephalitis outbreak in Port Charles that struck both his parents, Courtney Matthews and Nikolas Cassadine. He was premature, and his mother died after an emergency C-section. Jasper Jacks lied to say the baby was his, and was aided in his deceit by Carly Corinthos. Eventually, the baby was returned to Nikolas who named him Spencer after Lulu and Lucky Spencer.

After some scary kidnappings when he was a baby, Spencer traveled with his father, but when they returned to Port Charles he was smitten with Emma Scorpio Drake. They dated, but she was turned off by his attitude that he was better than people without money, and she began dating Cameron Spencer instead. Spencer did all he could to win her back. Meanwhile, he grew close to his father’s girlfriend Dr. Britt Westbourne and wanted them to marry. Spencer did all he could to get them back together after they broke up, and even conspired with Britt and pretended to run away.

Spencer was badly burned in an accidental fire that happened during his 8th birthday party at Wyndemere. He was treated at the Shriners Hospital and returned to Port Charles wearing a protective mask on his face. He hated his appearance, but grew confident again after his mother’s angel came to visit and taught him that beauty was more than what you look like, but how you acted and treated people too.

Flings and Relationships

Nikolas Cassadine (father)
Courtney Matthews (mother)
Mike Corbin (grandfather)
Janine Matthews (grandmother)
Stavros Cassadine (grandfather - deceased)
Laura Spencer (grandmother)
Michael "Sonny" Corinthos (uncle)
Lucas Lorenzo "Lucky" Spencer Jr. (uncle)
Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer (aunt)
Mikkos Cassadine (great-grandfather - deceased)
Helena Cassadine (great-grandmother)
Gordon Gray (great-grandfather - deceased)
Lesley Webber (great-grandmother)
Stefan Cassadine (great-uncle - deceased)
Alexis Davis (great-aunt)
Kristina Cassadine (great-aunt - deceased)
Irina "Cassandra" Cassadine (great-aunt - deceased)
Anthony Cassadine (great-uncle - deceased)
Victor Cassadine (great-uncle - deceased)
Mike Webber (adoptive great-uncle)
Rick Webber Jr. (adoptive great-uncle)
Dante Falconeri (cousin)
Michael Corinthos III (cousin via adoption)
Morgan Corinthos (cousin)
Kristina Corinthos Davis (cousin)
Cameron Spencer (cousin via adoption)
Aiden Nikolas Spencer (cousin)
Rocco Falconeri (cousin)
Samantha McCall Morgan (cousin)
Molly Lansing Davis (cousin)
Daniel Edward Morgan (cousin)


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