Sonny Corinthos (as played by Maurice Benard on General Hospital)

Useful information about Sonny Corinthos

* Other Names: Michael Corinthos Jr.
* Marital Status - Married to Claudia Zacchara.
* Suffers from claustrophobia due to being locked in the closet as a child.
* Arrested for locking Skye Quartermaine in a boathouse - not guilty. (March 2002)
* Faked his death to flush out Luis Alcazar - later shot him after Alcazar found Brenda and Jax at her old cottage. (September 2002)
* Shot both Lorenzo Alcazar and Carly Corinthos. (October 24, 2003)
* Attempted murder - tried to shoot and kill Lorenzo Alcazar. (November 26, 2003)
* Kidnapped Samantha McCall. (November 26, 2003)
* Shot and killed Ben Rogers to protect Sam. (January 9, 2004)
* Adultery with Sam McCall while married to Carly. (Winter - Spring 2004)
*Sent Jason to kill Brian Beck. (February 5, 2004)
* Killed the assassin who planted the explosive in his limo. (April 2004)
* Arrested for racketeering. (Nov 18th, 2004)
* Fell ill during the encephalitis plague that hit Port Charles. (February 3, 2006)
* Felt responsible when his young son, Michael, took a bullet intended for him in 2008.
* Married Claudia as a business arrangement rather than for love.
* Took the blame for Claudia's death after Michael killed her while defending Carly and Josslyn.
* Reunited with and married Brenda when she returned to town.
* After Brenda left him, he reunited with Kate.
* Took a bullet meant for Dante.
* Killed AJ Quartermaine.

Who's played Sonny Corinthos over the years?

Maurice Benard (August 13, 1993 - September 24, 1997; Spring 1998; December 18, 1998 - Present)

Past History

Sonny Corinthos appeared in Port Charles as the owner of the Paradise Lounge, a local strip club. He grew up in NY with a horrid stepfather who beat Sonny's mother and kept him locked in closets. The terror came to an end when Sonny befriended a 'connected' man in his neighborhood who had his stepfather killed. It was probably Sonny's first taste of mob power.

He befriended a young man named, Stone Cates,and took him under his wing. They lived above the club, while Stone did odd jobs to earn his keep. Sonny found himself attracted to stripper, Karen Wexler, but that romance ended when her boyfriend walked in and found them in bed together. Sonny took quite a beating.

When underage workers were discovered in his strip joint, and the place was subsequently closed, Sonny paired with Luke Spencer in Frank Smith's organization, and the two opened a blue's club. Sonny began dating Brenda Barrett, and together with her and her friend Lois Cerullo, he started L&B Records. It was about this time that Mike Corbin drifted into town, and Sonny learned the man was his estranged father. Their relationship was strained because of Sonny's bitterness toward the man who deserted his mother.

Sonny and Stone had become very close friends, and when Stone passed from AIDS, Sonny was devastated. He offered emotional support to Stone's girlfriend, Robin Scorpio, niece of the Police Commissioner, as she faced having to be tested for the disease herself. She and Stone had failed to use protection while having sex.

Sonny and Brenda talked about reuniting, but Sonny found himself facing financial difficulties. He sold off shares of his businesses, and pondered accepting the offer made to him by Lily Rivera's father, who promised to make Sonny's money woes go away if he married his daughter. Sonny preferred Brenda, but when he discovered that Lily was pregnant, he changed his plans. Lily's father believed that Sonny was about to bolt and had Sonny's car wired with a bomb. Poor Lily was the one who was killed.

After Jason Morgan's accident wiped out his memory, he came to work for Sonny and the two developed a close friendship. Sonny and Brenda reunited, but on the day of their wedding, Sonny left her at the altar. He didn't return to town until after he heard of her death. He wanted to become a legitimate businessman, and became a coffee importer. but it wasn't long before he lapsed back into the mob life, taking back his original territory.

Sonny's fling with Hannah Scott, a waitress at Luke's ended when he learned she was an FBI agent on assignment to bring him down. She bore a striking resemblance to Brenda, but he tossed her out, refusing to believe her when she said she really loved him. Reeling from the betrayal, Sonny had a one-night stand with Carly Quartermaine, who was dealing with her own demons. Their sexual encounter resulted in pregnancy, and he brought Carly and her son, Michael, home to live with him. An argument between Carly and her husband, AJ, resulted in her falling down the stairs and having to abort the baby to save her own life.

A tumultuous relationship with Carly defined Sonny's life. Their love grew from necessity when Carly became a major witness again Sonny in his loan shark dealings to fix his father's gambling debts. Sonny's attorney, Alexis Davis, told them that the only way to keep the incriminating testimony out of court was for them to be married. As husband and wife, they constantly butted heads. Neither one would admit their true feelings, until Sonny was seriously injured and finally admitted his love for her. When Sonny healed, was almost killed in a warehouse fire, and survived again, the two renewed their wedding vows. The sacredness of their union faded fast when Carly walked in on him and Alexis Davis having sex. In her haste to flee the uncomfortable moment, her car skidded over a cliff and she was presumed dead, but she returned a few days later.

Alexis discovered she was pregnant and lied about who fathered the child. She named Ned Ashton, wanting to keep her child safe from Sonny's mob dealings.

Carly had been drugged by one of Faith Roscoe's hired men, and hijacked by her business associate, Ric Lansing, later waking up naked with him. When she discovered she was pregnant, she had no idea who the father was. When Sonny found out about what had happened, he wanted to kill Ric, but his plan halted when he learned that Ric was his half-brother. Ric had a score to settle with Sonny because their mother picked Sonny over him. When Ric wed Elizabeth Webber, he swore he wanted to make peace.

Sonny wasn't happy when his kid sister, Courtney, whom he had recently met, fell for Jason Morgan. He made their life miserable for a while, but finally relented. Their planned wedding was put on hold when Carly disappeared. They had no idea where she was until Michael divulged to Jason that he had witnessed Ric Lansing taking his mommy away.

Elizabeth had lost their baby and Ric was determined to take Sonny's child to replace his own. Carly was eventually kidnapped from Ric by Lorenzo Alcazar, who was in love with her. When Sonny finally found them, Carly was in labor. Sonny shot Alcazar and delivered his own child, and when he held the baby up for Carly to see, he realized that the bullet had passed through Lorenzo and hit Carly in the head. Carly survived.

Sonny had adopted Michael, Carly gave birth to Morgan, and they were happy for a while, but something always seemed to get in the way. Carly became romantically involved with Lorenzo Alcazar, Sonny's nemesis, and Sonny had an affair with Sam McCall. Still, Sonny and Carly kept finding their way back together. It usually had something to do with Michael's scheming to reunite his parents. When Carly got engaged to Jax and scheduled to be married on New Year's Eve, but Sonny assured her that the wedding will never take place. As it turned out, Jax called off the wedding plans and left in search of his troubled brother. After Jax and Carly finally found their way back together, Sonny was forced to move on.

He reconnected with the original love of his life, Connie Falconeri, who by now has changed her name (and her Benson Hurst image!) to Kate Howard. Love almost conquered all as they spent much of 2008 trying to merge the mob with her high profile position in fashion magazine publishing. Kate took a bullet intended for him and it finally caused him to rethink his career choice. He made a concerted effort to downsize his mafia influence and concentrate mainly on his coffee importing business, but couldn't quite stay away from the allure of power. He got involved with the Russian mob, unbeknownst to Kate. When she suggested that they show his son Michael his daddy's coffee business, tragedy struck. A shot meant for Sonny struck his son in the head and left him comatose.

Sonny hit rock bottom after this. Carly forced him to sign over his parental rights to their other son, Morgan, and Sonny also sold his shares of the mob business to his enforcer Jason Morgan. He gave normal life a shot and tried to focus on building a future with Kate, but his heart was broken. When, on their wedding day in the fall of 2008, Kate was shot the moment that she reached the altar, Sonny snapped. He vowed to avenge her shooting and went into business running the Zacchara organization to do so. In the process, his relationship with Kate fell apart. She healed, but couldn't accept his decision to return to the mob. Anthony Zacchara offered Sonny the keys to his mob kingdom in exchange for marrying his daughter Claudia. Sonny did so.

They eventually settled into a marriage of respect until Sonny discovered his wife was responsible for Michael's shooting. He outted her at a birthday party he threw for her. Backed into a corner, Claudia kidnapped a pregnant Carly. She took her to a cabin where Carly went into labor. Claudia helped her give birth, but then started to leave with the baby. Micheal found them and hit Claudia over the head with a shovel, killing her.

Jason, Michael and Carly covered up the crime in order to protect Michael. Claudia's murder was eventually discovered, but Sonny took the blame. While he was on trial Michael confessed and was sent to prison.

Before the trial, Sonny discovered he had fathered a child, Dante, with Olivia Falconeri when they were teenage sweethearts. However, Dante was posing as an undercover cop at the time and Sonny shot him in the chest when he found out he had infiltrated his organization.

Dante never testified against him in the shooting, but remained determined to take him down for his criminal activities. Sonny, on the other hand, set out to forge a relationship with his adult son.

While he pursued Dante, Sonny began a flirtation with prosecuting attorney Claire Walsh. Once they finally consummated their relationship, Brenda Barrett returned. Sonny dumped Claire and went after Brenda. They eventually married even though she was living under the threat of the Balkan.

After the Balkan was dealt with, Brenda had a hard time living in Sonny's violent world since she was now raising her son, who she thought had died years ago. She eventually walked away from Sonny and sent him divorce papers.

Sonny accused Jax of taking Brenda from him and tampered with his plane. When the plane crashed, Jax was thought dead and Carly cut Sonny off from all access to his son Morgan.

Sonny started to repair his relationship with Kate Howard and promised her life with him was safe. But after Sonny told Johnny that his real parents were Claudia and Gino Soleito, he took a bullet intended for Dante. Guilty, Anthony tried to flee town but someone shot his tires out and he crashed into another vehicle, killing Starr Manning’s boyfriend and daughter. Sonny was accused of the crime but found not guilty in court.

Sonny was devastated when he found Kate in bed with Johnny, but it was her alternate identity Connie who was trying to break up Kate and Sonny. Meanwhile John McBain was investigating Sonny’s past in Joe Scully's organization. Kate remembered Joe Jr. had raped her, which caused her DID in the first place.

Sonny and Kate were moving forward with wedding plans but on their wedding day, Connie emerged and announced to everyone she was already married to Johnny Zacchara. Not long after losing Kate, Sonny’s accountant and Jason were killed. His bad luck continued when AJ Quartermaine returned to town and got close to Michael.

Sonny supported Connie when her son Trey died and the two got close. Kate and Connie battled for control of Sonny, but he couldn’t choose between the two. Connie emerged once and for all and ended things with Sonny.

Sonny and Olivia grew close and when Olivia was shot by a botched hit meant for Franco, Sonny was so furious with Carly he threatened to kill her if Olivia died. Sonny helped Olivia recover, and they grew closer until Connie announced she still loved Sonny so Olivia stepped aside.

Before Sonny and Connie could fully reconnect, she was murdered. Sonny blamed AJ and his life began to spiral out of control. He destroyed his relationship with Morgan, who teamed up with the Jerome family against Sonny. Things looked up when Sonny reconnected Olivia and reconciled with Morgan, but took a nosedive again when he walked in on AJ strangling Ava Jerome and killed him.

Sonny and Ava covered for each other at the cost of alienating their families. They had sex in the Quartermaine crypt and when Ava became pregnant, it was unclear whether the baby was Sonny’s or Morgan’s. Sonny lost Morgan and Olivia, then turned on Ava when he realized she was just using him and vowed to kill her as soon as the baby was born.

Sonny and Carly grew close when she learned Sonny shot AJ and they worked to keep the truth from Michael. Eventually they began sleeping together despite her involvement with Franco, who also knew the truth. Sonny decided to take out Franco without Carly knowing about it.

Flings and Relationships

Olivia Falconeri (lover in high school)
Karen Wexler (lover)
Brenda Barrett (lover)
Cindy Woods (dated)
Hannah Scott (lover)
Carly_Corinthos (ex-wife)
Angel Ellis (lover)
Alexis_Davis (lover)
Faith Rosco (kissed)
Samantha_McCall (affair)
Reese Marshall (affair - deceased)
Emily_Bowen_Quartermaine (lover)
Kate Howard (engaged)
Claire Walsh (lovers)
Brenda Barrett (engaged)


Mike Corbin (father)
Adela Corinthos (mother - deceased)
Richard Lansing (half-brother)
Courtney Matthews (half-sister - deceased)
Molly Lansing (half-niece)
Spencer Cassadine (half-nephew)


Donna Courtney Corinthos (daughter with Carly Corinthos on September 30, 2019)
Unnamed Child (son with Lily - deceased)
Michael Corinthos III (adopted son - Carly's child with AJ)
Unnamed Child (son - miscarriage with Carly)
Kristina Adela Corinthos Davis (daughter with Alexis)
Morgan Stone Corinthos (son with Carly)
Baby Girl McCall (daughter with Samantha - deceased (Nov 8th, 2004) - Samantha had wanted to call her Lila, but the baby was buried as Baby Girl McCall.
Dante Angelo Falconeri (son with Olivia)


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