Skye Quatermaine (as played by Robin Christopher on General Hospital)

Useful information about Skye Quatermaine

* Other Names: Antoinette Patterson Chandler (original legal name), Skye Chandler, and Skye Quartermaine.
* Marital Status - Single/Divorced.
* Blackmailed Edward.
* Tried to hustle Zander and Emily out of town so she could have Alan's full attention.
* Locked herself in a meat locker and said that Sonny did it.
* Made deal with Edward to steal information on Jax and his fortunes for Edward. (2002)
* Hit Nikolas Cassadine while driving under the influence of alcohol and then covered it up. (December 2002)
* Tried to frame Brenda and Jason for Luis Alcazar's murder. (2002-2003)
* Planned to shoot Brenda Barrett on her wedding day - never did. (February 14, 2003)
* Along with accomplice AJ, Skye kidnapped Kristina Davis. (March 31, 2003)
* Hid fugitive Luke Spencer in her house. (October 14, 2003)
* Attended an illegal auction - was present while Luke was auctioning off the Dead-Man's Hand. (October 31, 2003)
* Fell ill during the encephalitis plague that hit Port Charles. (February 2, 2006)
* After nearly making another bad romantic decision (and falling in love with Ric Lansing), she took her baby and left town after helping Jason seek revenge on Alcazar.

Who's played Skye Quatermaine over the years?

Robin Christopher (AMC: 1987 - 1991; OLTL: 3 August 1999 - 10 April 2001; GH: 25 April 2001 - January 11, 2008; 2010; August 4, 2011)
Carrie Genzel (AMC: May 1996 - 11 November 1997)
Antoinette Byron (AMC: 1986 - 1987)

Past History

Skye arrived in Port Charles via Pine Valley and Llanview. Believing she was the daughter of financier, Adam Chandler and his first wife, she later learned that she was actually the child of Alan Quartermaine and Rae Cummings.

She came searching for her paternal father on the very day that he was to renew his wedding vows with Monica. The truth was that Edward Quartermaine had paid for Alan and Rae's baby to be hidden and both parents were told that the child had died.

Alan welcomed her to the family, but the rest of the clan were less enthusiastic, especially after Edward tried to make amends by giving her shares in ELQ. The underhanded dealings of her new family soon caused her to acquire a drinking problem, and Edward used her paranoia to help end her brief fling with Jasper Jacks.

Despite Edward�s interference, they soon resumed their courtship, and Edward had a stroke while arguing with Skye about it, and ended up in a �coma�. While drunk and visiting him in the hospital, Skye blacked out, and had no defense upon learning that his respirator plug had been pulled.

She was driven right back into Jax�s arms when she discovered that Edward had faked his condition and pulled the plug himself. The two were about to wed when Jax left on urgent business. The �business� turned out to be Brenda Barrett, who showed up again, not dead as all had presumed. Jax was shot protecting Brenda and left paralyzed. It was at his bedside that Skye and Brenda finally met. Skye didn�t feel threatened when she learned that Brenda was dying.

Jax didn�t feel it fair to saddle Skye with a crippled husband, so he enlisted Brenda�s help to drive Skye away. Suspicious about his sudden change of heart, Skye did some research into Brenda�s mystery illness, finding out that the doctor who had delivered the fatal diagnosis had been paid by Luis Alcazar to lie. Skye kept the information to herself, and when Jax found out that Brenda wasn�t really terminal, he demanded a divorce from Skye.

Skye fell off the wagon again, and on the night of Jax and Brenda�s engagement party, Skye got drunk and ended up in bed with Luiz Alcazar. When she awoke from her stupor, he had been pushed to his death from his apartment balcony. Skye sought revenge by telling police that Brenda Barrett did it, but Skye's drinking problem reduced her credibility, and she, herself, ended up being the prime suspect. Shortly after, Skye remembered seeing Alexis Davis commit the murder.

Still determined to have Jax, Skye went to Brenda and Jax�s wedding carrying a loaded pistol, but no vows were exchanged. Jax had witnessed Brenda kissing Sonny and halted the marriage at the altar. Although Jax didn�t come back to Skye, he did stand beside her when Tracy Quartermaine discovered the truth about Skye�s parentage and tried to blackmail her for hush money. After Skye beat her to the punch, Alan adopted Skye, making her a legal Quartermaine.

After a brief fling with Ned Ashton and wanting a child of her own, Skye failed in her attempt to take Alexis� daughter Kristina away from her.

Skye moved into the Lake House where she became involved with Luke Spencer, falling in love with him, but unable to deal with his adventuresome side and his love for Laura. It was on the night of the hotel fire in Port Charles, when he gave the remaining rescue helicopter seat to Skye, that she realized he did have feelings for her. Still, his inability to commit, drove her to a romance with Lorenzo Alcazar, and the subsequent birth of their baby, Lila Rae.

After months of deception and torment from her husband, she let Jason in their home to presummably kill Alcazar.

Skye returned a couple of years later which delighted Luke, but also piqued his curiosity. Skye skipped town again after Jax helped her acquire Lorenzo's money.

About a year later, Skye came back to Port Charles on Anthony Zacchara's request.

Flings and Relationships

Tad_Martin (affair) (AMC)
Mitch Beck (AMC)
Travis Montgomery (flirtatious - deceased) (AMC)
Jeremy Hunter (dated - deceased) (AMC)
Will Cortlandt (dated - deceased)(AMC)
Edmund Grey (obsession) (AMC)
Max Holden (lover)
Luis Ramon Alcazar (one-night stand)
Coleman Ratcliffe (lover)
Ned Ashton (dated)
Lucky_Spencer (kissed)
Ross Duncan (kissed - deceased)
Lorenzo_Alcazar (lover)


Rae Cummings (biological mother)
Alan Quartermaine Sr. (adoptive father)
Alan Quartermaine Jr. (adoptive half-brother)
Jason Morgan (adoptive half-brother)
Emily Bowen-Quartermaine (adoptive half-sister)
Edward Quartermaine (adoptive grandfather)
Lila Morgan (adoptive grandmother - deceased)
Tracy Quartermaine (adoptive aunt)
Bradley Ward II (adoptive half-uncle)
Jimmy Lee Holt (adoptive half-uncle)
George Quartermaine (adoptive great-grandfather - deceased)
Ida Zemlock (adoptive great-grandmother - deceased)
Harold Morgan (adoptive great-grandfather - deceased)
Edward Ashton (adoptive cousin)
Dillon Quartermaine (adoptive cousin)
Justus Ward (adoptive half-cousin)
Faith Ward (adoptive half-cousin)
Unnamed Ward (adoptive half-cousin)
Michael Corinthos III (adoptive nephew)
Herbert Quartermaine (adoptive great-uncle)
Hal Morgan (adoptive great-uncle)
Alexandria Quartermaine (adoptive first cousin)
Quentin Quartermaine (adoptive first)
Celia Quartermaine (adoptive first cousin)


Lila Rae Quartermaine (daughter with Lorenzo - born 2006)


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