Rafe Kovich Jr. (deceased) (as played by Jimmy Deshler on General Hospital)

Useful information about Rafe Kovich Jr. (deceased)

* Was a good person who got into a lot of trouble.
* Thought his biological father was Rafe Kovich until he learned later in life his father was really serial killer Stephen Clay, who thought he was the vampire Caleb Morley.
* His mother was murdered by Stephen Clay, but Rafe was an initial suspect.
* Bounced around homeless shelters while on the run with his mother, Alison Barrington.
* In love with Molly Lansing-Davis.
* Teamed up with Taylor DuBois in order to make Molly and her boyfriend TJ Ashford jealous.
* Told police that TJ was at the scene of a mob shooting at Sonny Corinthos' coffee warehouse.
* Told on Molly and TJ to Alexis when they were about to have sex for the first time.
* Got involved with drugs and ran Patrick Drake's car off the road, causing his unborn son Gabriel to be born prematurely, then die.
* Was in a car accident running from police, and was taken off life support July 16, 2014.

Who's played Rafe Kovich Jr. (deceased) over the years?

Jimmy Deshler (January 30, 2013 - Wednesday July 16, 2014)

Past History

When Rafe Kovich Jr. arrived in Port Charles, he was on the run with his mother, Alison Barrington, a former resident. She had previously fled Port Charles to escape Caleb Morley, whom she thought was the king of the vampires. They spent their lives on the run, and were back in Port Charles looking for help.

Alison was murdered down by the pier shortly after arriving in town, and Rafe was a suspect. He had befriended Molly Lansing-Davis, and she believed in Rafe’s innocence, despite pressure from her boyfriend TJ Ashford not to get involved. Her convictions were strengthened by Lucy Coe, who was a cousin of Rafe’s legal father, Rafe Kovich.

Lucy didn’t believe Rafe was safe in jail while vampires were back in Port Charles, and worked with Molly to help Rafe escape. He hid out in Molly’s bedroom at her mother Alexis Davis’ house.

Meanwhile, Caleb kidnapped Sam Morgan and her son Danny, believing she was his long-lost wife Livvie Locke. John McBain realized that Caleb was really serial killer Stephen Clay who had suffered a mental breakdown after his wife Livvie died. Lucy and John McBain took down Stephen, who was the real person who killed Alison, and Rafe’s name was cleared.

Lucy tried to become Rafe’s legal guardian, but since she was not blood related and was considered unfit after believing in vampires, he was put in a group home. Sam took Rafe in instead, and he helped care for Danny while falling in love with Molly.

Soon, his biological uncle Dr. Silas Clay came to town and wanted custody of Rafe. Sam fought for guardianship of Rafe while Danny was diagnosed with leukemia. When Silas was awarded guardianship instead, he allowed Rafe to stay with Sam until Danny was better. When Danny recovered, Rafe moved in with Silas.

Molly was adamant about just staying friends with Rafe and continued to date TJ. After Rafe and Molly shared a kiss, TJ pressured her to end her friendship with him. They fought, and while they were on a break, TJ took Taylor DuBois to the prom instead of Molly. After seeing what he thought was a romantic moment between Rafe and Molly, TJ slept with Taylor. But Molly and TJ were able to work through their problems much to Rafe and Taylor’s dismay.

Taylor and Rafe decided to pretend to date in order to make Molly and TJ jealous. It worked, but Molly refused to let it alter how she felt about TJ. When Rafe learned that TJ was a witness to a mob shootout at Sonny Corinthos’ coffee warehouse, he told police commissioner Anna Devane despite Molly insisting no one know. After, Rafe worried that his admission put TJ in physical danger.

Molly ended her friendship with Rafe and he began secretly using cocaine that had recently begun flowing into Port Charles via the Jerome crime family.

Sam found out Rafe was the person who ran Dr. Patrick Drake and Sabrina Santiago off the road, causing the death of their infant son Gabriel. Rafe was encourage to run by Nina Clay instead of facing his actions. With Molly in the car, he crashed, but not before telling her someone else made him cause the accident that killed the baby.

After the accident, Rafe needed brain surgery. Patrick performed the operation, during which Rafe became brain dead. After determining his heart was not a viable transplant option for Quartermaine maid Alice Gunderson, he was taken off life support and died July 16, 2014.


Alison Barrington (mother; deceased)
Stephen Clay (biological father; deceased)
Rafe Kovich (legal father; deceased)
Dr. Silas Clay (paternal uncle)
Lauren "Kiki" Jerome Corinthos (paternal cousin)


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