Patricia Spencer (deceased) (as played by Dee Wallace on General Hospital)

Useful information about Patricia Spencer (deceased)

* Born in Port Charles but rarely mentioned until 2015.
* Estranged sister of Bobbie and Luke Spencer.
* Mother to Valerie Spencer.
* Had Multiple Sclerosis.
* Held hostage at her convalescent home, Oak Hill, by Luke when he was having a mental break.
* Revealed the family secret that was mentally tormenting Luke - that he had accidentally killed their mother and murdered their father.
* Died in the old family home once the secret was revealed.

Who's played Patricia Spencer (deceased) over the years?

Dee Wallace (March 30, 2015 - April 2, 2015)

Past History

Despite the importance of the Spencer family in Port Charles, not much was said about Patricia Spencer until 2015. She is the estranged older sister of Luke and Bobbie Spencer. After their alcoholic and abusive father Tim left them after beating their mother Lena so badly she died, what happened to Patricia is never mentioned while Luke and Bobbie’s existence at their aunt Ruby’s bordello was bleak at best.

When Luke had a mental break in 2015 tied to a traumatic experience from his childhood, Patricia was brought up again. Tracy Quartermaine, Lulu Spencer and Bobbie all thought Patricia might hold the answer to why Luke was acting the way he was, but when they went in search of her they found her daughter Valerie Spencer instead. Valerie claimed to have never heard her mother talk about her siblings, and told them Patricia was dead. But, Valerie was lying and later Luke beat the truth out of her – that Patricia was alive and a multiple sclerosis patient at Oak Hill convalescent home.

Bobbie and Tracy realized the truth but when they arrived at Patricia’s room Luke was already there and had her bound and gagged. But Luke came to his senses and removed Pat’s restraints, and the Spencer siblings were all reunited. Together they returned to their childhood home where Patricia and Luke worked through the trauma of what really happened the night their mother died - that Luke had accidentally killed their mother Lena, then killed their father Tim. Patricia realized Luke did not remember what had happened and made up the story about Tim leaving. She enlisted the help of their cousin Bill Eckert that night to cover it all up and had hoped keeping the secret was the right thing. After everything was in the open, she died in the old home of heart failure, surrounded by her daughter and Bobbie.


Tim Spencer (father - deceased)
Lena Eckert (mother - deceased)
Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer (sister)
Lucas "Luke" Lorenzo Spencer Sr. (brother)
Lucas "Lucky" Lorenzo Spencer Jr. (nephew)
Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer Falconeri (niece)
Rocco Falconeri (great-nephew)
Carly Corinthos Jacks (niece)
Josslyn Jacks (great-niece)
Lucas Jones (nephew)


Valerie Spencer (daughter)


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