Parker Forsyth (as played by Ashley Jones on General Hospital)

Useful information about Parker Forsyth

* Professor at Wesleyan University where she taught Kristina Corinthos.
* Married to a woman.
* Arrived in Port Charles January 29, 2016.
* Was propositioned by Kristina to get a better grade. Instead of complying she reported Kristina and she was suspended.
* Victim of bad online professor reviews.

Who's played Parker Forsyth over the years?

Ashley Jones (January 29, 2016 - Present)

Past History

Professor Parker Forsyth arrived in Port Charles on January 29, 2016 and immediately went to visit Kristina Corinthos. After she accused Kristina of posting a rash of bad reviews about her online, it became clear that Kristina had offered to trade sex for a passing grade and Parker turned her down. Kristina felt that despite the fact Parker was married to another woman there was a definite vibe between them, and accused Parker of fanning the flames with private study sessions at her home. Parker denied wanting Kristina and suggested she spend her time suspended from school to straighten out her life.

Flings and Relationships


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