Oscar Nero (as played by Garren Stitt on General Hospital)

Useful information about Oscar Nero

* A talented musician, composer and piano player.
* Died at a young age due to a tumor.

Who's played Oscar Nero over the years?

Rio Mangini (2017)
Garren Stitt (July 7, 2017 - May 2, 2019)

Past History

Oscar met Josslyn Jacks at a party her friend Trina convinced her to throw at her house while her mom was away. Unfortunately, the party was busted by Joss’ grandmother Bobbie Spencer, and when Carly discovered alcohol was involved she became suspicious of Oscar. Though the party was Trina's doing, Carly felt Oscar was a bad influence on Joss. In time Carly came to accept Oscar and Joss’ relationship, but keeps a close eye on them.

Oscar confessed to Joss that he never knew who his father was, and his mother Kim did not like talking about him. However, she often listened to an old mix-CD someone from her past made her. The songs centered around the ocean and sailing away. Using the time period of the song, and the fact that he was born in San Francisco, they began to search for his father, believing he may have been in the Navy. When Kim had a shocking reaction to seeing Jason Morgan at Carly and Sonny’s Thanksgiving dinner, they suspected that Jason's twin Drew Cain, who was a former Navy Seal, could be Oscar’s father. A DNA test they did on the sly proved this, and Kim confessed the truth to Oscar and Drew.

Oscar began building a relationship with Drew, and has hopes his parents will reunite.

Flings and Relationships

Josslyn Jacks (girlfriend)


Kim Nero (mother)
Drew Cain (father)
Emily Morgan (sister)
Dr. Monica Quartermaine (adopted grandmother)
Jason Morgan (uncle)




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