Nelle Hayes (as played by Chloe Lanier on General Hospital)

Useful information about Nelle Hayes

* Her birth name is Nelle Benson.
* She was a kidney donor for Joss Jacks.

Who's played Nelle Hayes over the years?

Chloe Lanier (August 8, 2016 - August 8, 2018)

Past History

Nelle Hayes was brought to Port Charles when Nina Reeves began helping Carly Corinthos discover who her daughter Joss’ kidney donor was. For years it was believed to be Jake Webber, but when he turned up alive on Cassadine Island it became apparent there was another mysterious donor. Nina used her magazine Crimson to locate Nelle, who was working as a teacher’s aid in Atlanta.

Carly was immediately taken by Nelle’s story of how she became Joss’ kidney donor. Nelle claimed her father had sold her kidney on the black market when she was a young child because their family needed money. When Nelle revealed her job as a teacher’s aid fell through, Carly hired her as her personal assistant. Nelle began to fall for Carly’s son Michael Corinthos, but refused to allow herself to be distracted from her main goal, which was ruining Carly’s life. Carly and Sonny’s marriage began to fracture after the death of their son Morgan, and Nelle used Sonny’s vulnerable state to drug him and convince him they had drunken sex. Sonny chose to keep this from Carly rather than tell her, but Nelle worked to expose the truth by taping Sonny and editing the recordings to paint him in a negative light. She sent the recording to Carly, but a winter weekend trapped in a cabin with Michael convinced her to forget about her vendetta and set things right. She was too late though as Carly received the recordings and learned the truth. When confronted, Nelle admitted she was the daughter of Frank Benson, Carly’s adopted father, and was out for revenge. Frank had told Nelle that Carly extorted her kidney from him in exchange for her helping him out financially, though Carly claimed no knowledge of this and hadn’t had contact with Frank for years. Eventually the truth came out that Carly’s ex-husband Jasper Jacks was the one who contacted Frank about procuring a kidney on the black market, but he had no idea Frank would sell his own daughter’s kidney.

Nelle was forced to come to terms with the fact that her father had lied to her for most of his life, and even gambled away the money he made from selling her kidney. She tried to move on and began working as a nanny for Valentin Cassadine’s daughter Charlotte. However while trying to take the ferry to Wyndemere one day she was mugged, which resulted in her being hospitalized with a bruised kidney. Michael was forced to confront his feelings for Nelle, in spite of the fact that his mother hated Nelle for what she had done to their family. After Nina divorced Valentin, she offered Nelle a job as her executive assistant at Crimson.

Flings and Relationships

Sonny Corinthos (drugged and claimed to have sex with him)
Michael Corinthos (dating)
Zachary (engaged - deceased)


Frank Benson (father)
Caroline "Carly" Benson Corinthos Jacks (adopted half-sister)




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