Morgan Stone Corinthos (Past) (as played by Aaron Sanders on General Hospital)

Useful information about Morgan Stone Corinthos (Past)

* Was named after Jason Morgan and Stone Cates.
* Adores his big brother Michael.
* Is close with stepdad Jax.
* Was held at gunpoint by Dominic, who turned out to be his brother.
* Forced to testify at his father's trial.
* Loves the Yankees.

Who's played Morgan Stone Corinthos (Past) over the years?

Aaron Sanders (May 6, 2010 - present)
Aaron Refvem (June 1, 2009 – May 4, 2010)
George Juarez (Morgan Stone Corinthos (2005 – 2009)
Jordan Cline and Dylan Cline (2004 - 2005)
Isador Talamo and Adonios Talamo (2003 - 2004)

Past History

Morgan was born in 2003 to Carly and Sonny and was named after Jason Morgan and Stone Cates. He has mostly been an adoring little brother to Michael who was shot in 2008, which left him in a coma for a year, but Morgan has also bonded with his new stepdad Jax.

Since Michael woke up and left the hospital, Morgan has wanted nothing more than to spend time with his big brother, but Michael went to live with their father and then the Quartermaines.

While walking through the woods to visit Michael at Sonny’s house, Morgan surprised a hitman named Dominic, who held him at gunpoint. When both Carly and Michael showed up, Dominic let them all leave without incident.

Dominic began working for Sonny and formed a tight bond with Morgan. It was later discovered Dominic was actually Dante Falconeri and was Sonny's son. This endeared Dante to Morgan even further and they remained close.

When Sonny went on trial for Claudia's murder, Morgan was forced to testify.


Carly Corinthos Jacks (mother)
Sonny Corinthos (father)
Michael Corinthos III (Current) (maternal half-brother)
Dante "Dominic" Falconeri (paternal half-brother)
Kristina Corinthos Davis (paternal half-sister)
Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer (maternal grandmother)
Mike Corbin (paternal grandfather)
Ric Lansing (paternal uncle)
Luke Spencer (maternal great-uncle)
Molly Lansing-Davis (paternal cousin)
Lesley Lu Spencer (maternal second cousin)
Lucky Spencer (maternal second cousin)
Ethan Lovett (maternal second cousin)


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