Molly Lansing-Davis (as played by Haley Alexis Pullos on General Hospital)

Useful information about Molly Lansing-Davis

* She is the only daughter of Ric Lansing.
* She was born after a train crash in 2005.
* After being SORASed, Molly became close with cousin Morgan.
* Loyal to her sister Kristina.
* Intellectual young girl who is good at math.
* Is a romantic who enjoys setting up the couples of Port Charles.

Who's played Molly Lansing-Davis over the years?

Alexis Pullos (July 2, 2009 - present)
Iris and Ivy Kaim (April 9, 2007 - January 2, 2008)
Hope and Faith Dever (2005-2007)

Past History

Molly is the daughter of Rick Lansing and Alexis Davis, who was born in 2005 in a tunnel following a train crash involving many Port Charles residents.

Her parents divorced years later, with her father winning custody. However, Alexis and Ric eventually worked things out and agreed on joint custody.

Molly was SORASed after Ric left town to live in L.A. Molly has revealed herself to be a very smart young girl with a penchant for math. She became close with her cousin Morgan when their siblings went on the run. Molly is a romantic who often sets Jason and Sam up on romantic evenings, as well as her mother Alexis and Mac.


Alexis Davis (mother)
Ric Lansing (Past) (father)
Kristina Corinthos Davis (maternal half-sister)
Samantha McCall (maternal half-sister)
Michael Corinthos III (Current) (paternal cousin)
Morgan Stone Corinthos (paternal cousin)
Dante "Dominic" Falconeri (paternal cousin)
Nikolas Cassadine (maternal cousin)
Spencer Cassadine (maternal second cousin)
Courtney Matthews (paternal aunt - deceased)
Sonny Corinthos (paternal uncle)
Trevor Lansing (Past) (paternal grandfather)
Adela Corinthos (paternal grandmother - deceased)
Mikkos Cassadine (maternal grandfather - deceased)
Kristin Nilsson (maternal grandmother - deceased)
Kristina Cassadine (maternal aunt - deceased)
Stavros Cassadine (maternal uncle - deceased)
Stefan Cassadine (maternal uncle - deceased)
Anthony Cassadine (maternal great uncle - deceased)
Victor Cassadine (maternal great uncle - deceased)
Petros Cassadine (maternal second cousin)


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