Marrianna Erosa (as played by Yeniffer Behrens on General Hospital)

Useful information about Marrianna Erosa

*Ric met her in a coffee shop in Martha's Vineyard
*She has a mysterious past.
*Ric has vowed to find her an immigration lawyer to help her break free from her abusive boss.

Who's played Marrianna Erosa over the years?

Yeniffer Behrens (February 5, 2008 - March 27, 2008)

Past History

She told Ric that she came to this country to try to make a better life for herself, but doesn't have a green card yet. Randy, her abusive boss, hangs deportation over her head to use her for whatever he wishes. Ric was able to get her green card situation improved and Randy was murdered! When Ric learned that Marianna was hired by Trevor to manipulate him, he broke it off with her. Heartbroken, she returned to Martha's Vineyard to live.

Flings and Relationships

Ric Lansing (lover)






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