Malcolm “Mac” Scorpio (as played by John Joseph Robert York on General Hospital)

Useful information about Malcolm “Mac” Scorpio

* Marital Status - Single/Divorced.
* Sentenced to community service for punching out some cops who tried to intervene in a fight with Robert. (1991)
* Charged with attempted murder when he snuck into Robert's room with a concealed knife; later cleared after the weapons used against Robert were found in Mac's old shipmate's foot locker. (1991)
* Borrowed money from a lone shark who worked for Joseph Sorel, in order to pay off his excessive gambling debts.
* Blew up a mine owned by the Jacks family while working for them, causing severe injuries to Miranda Jacks. (then wife of Jasper Jacks)
* Faked his death after a brawl with Robert on a ship in the harbor; after being pulled out of the water, he was delirious and had pneumonia. (1991)
* Injured by Ryan Chamberlain at his wedding to Felicia and had to postpone the wedding. (1994)
* Severely injured after being engulfed in a backdraft during a fire at the P.C. Hotel. (6 February 2004)
* Had a flirtation with Alexis.
* Was shot by Warren Bauer who was avenging his son's death.

Who's played Malcolm “Mac” Scorpio over the years?

John J. York (14 February 1991 - present)

Past History

Mac sailed into Port Charles on a Quartermaine ship, which exploded before it could dock. He jumped to safety, only to come face-to-face with his brother, Police Commissioner, Robert Scorpio. The two had been estranged since the plane Robert was piloting, crashed, killing their parents and Mac's girlfriend.

There were several attempts on Robert's life after Mac's arrival, and Mac was jailed for masterminding them. When an earthquake hit Port Charles, Mac escaped and tried to leave Port Charles on an outbound freighter. Robert caught up with him, a fight ensued, and Mac was knocked overboard, leaving Robert riddled with guilt, believing he had caused death of his brother.

When Robert later encountered Mac alive and well, the two realized they were being played by someone. Robert was shot, and Mac took him for medical attention, even donating blood to save him. The two reconciled, and at Robert's urging, Mac returned to Port Charles to clear his name.

Mac opened a new club, The Outback, and had a brief romantic fling with Dominique, teamed with his brother and Anna to fight the Cartel, and later learned that the duo had been killed in a boat explosion.

When Felicia Jones came to town, Mac hired her as a bartender. His attraction to her led him to help her uncover the facts about a stabbing she had witnessed. During their escapade, they fell in love, but Felicia was haunted by her failed romance with Frisco Jones, and was reluctant to accept Mac's proposal.

After Felicia almost lost her life to the same man she witnessed killing another, she realized she loved Mac and agreed to marry him, but their wedding never took place, as Felicia's young daughter, Maxie, suddenly needed a heart transplant. Mac left to find her father, and when Frisco returned with him to Port Charles, it was evident that Frisco and Felicia still had feelings for one another. Felicia got pregnant and Mac was disappointed that it was with Fricso's child and not his own.

Mac accepted the child, Georgie, as he had Maxie, and treated them both like daughters. He also played a pivotal role in the life of his niece Robin Scorpio, and it was at this time that they disagreed over her relationship with Stone, a young man who resided with mobster, Sonny Corinthos. When she revealed to Mac that Stone had AIDS and that they had had unprotected sex, Mac was beside himself. Eventually, he got to know Stone and realized Robin's attraction with him, and when Stone passed away, Mac had a quilt made in his memory and presented it at the Nurse's Ball. He continued to worry that Robin would contact the disease.

Mac's acceptance of Robin's next boyfriend was even more difficult. He worked for Sonny and was directly involved with the mob. But eventually, Robin realized that she couldn't live that kind of life, and the two parted.

Mac and Felicia married and shared a couple of years of happiness. During that time, Felicia began writing Lila Quartermaine's memoirs and managed to stay put for a while.

Cesar Faison returned to Port Charles, taunting Mac about the death of his brother. Faison kidnapped Felicia, and Mac and Luke Spencer teamed up to search for her. Luke found her first, ended up becoming a captive himself, and the two nearly made love. Faison taped the entire event and sent it to Mac as a Christmas present, devastating him. Mac confronted his wife and left her, but later forgave her. Both agreed to work on their marriage.

The reconciliation only lasted until Felicia reneged on her promise to stay away from Luke and teamed up with him to try to find his son. Mac filed for divorce and custody of Maxie and Georgie. He later decided that his line of work was too dangerous for a parent of two youngsters and dropped the custody pursuit.

His anger toward Luke led him to a murder arrest based, at best, on flimsy evidence. When Felicia testified that she was in a motel with Luke the night in question, Mac was humiliated and resigned as Police Commissioner.

Eventually, he took his job back and became involved in the ongoing Cassadine problems, while still reeling from Felicia's attraction to Luke. When Luke got engaged to Laura, Felicia became involved with mobster, Roy Dilucca, and although Mac still had feelings for her, he realized that any chance at a relationship was doomed.

Felicia left Port Charles to take care of her ailing mother and left Georgie and Maxie in Mac's care. He got a good taste of fatherhood when Maxie almost died from a drug overdose and once-studious Georgie started cavorting with Dillon Quartermaine. It was a wonder he could balance fatherhood at the same time he was dealing with Carly's kidnapping by Ric Lansing and trying to keep peace between the local mob bosses.

During a fire at the Port Charles Hotel, he was caught in a back draft and horribly burned. Felicia returned to Port Charles to take care of her children while Mac healed.

An epidemic hit Port Charles and Dillon fell deathly ill. His final wish was to marry Georgie, and Mac relented. Dillon survived and Mac had to live with his decision to let her wed at such a young age. Meanwhile, Maxie was dealing drugs to lure Lucky into a relationship, and he discovered that the two had slept together and Maxie was pregnant.

In the ensuing years, Mac remained police commissioner and mourned the death of Georgie after she was murdered by Diego Alcazar. Robin returned to town and he focused his energies on Maxie and Robin.

Maxie turned out not to be pregnant and she became involved with Spinelli, which set Mac on edge.

Mac was also opposed to Robin's marriage to former playboy Patrick Drake at first, but later came around to accepting him in the family. Until Patrick cheated on Robin of course, then he wanted Patrick out of Robin's life. When Patrick's fling Lisa, kidnapped Robin, Mac accused Patrick of being in cahoots with her, which he wasn't.

In the meantime, Mac also started up a flirtation with Alexis and was shot by Warren Bauer when he came looking for revenge for his son Kiefer's death. Thankfully, Mac survived and lived on to remain overprotective of his girls Robin and Maxie.

Flings and Relationships

Jenny Eckert
Dominique Stanton (dated - deceased)
Felicia Cummings (engaged)
Katherine Bell (dated - deceased)
Alexis Davis (flirtation)


Robert Scorpio (brother)
Robin Scorpio (niece)
Emma Drake (great-niece)




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