Madeline Reeves (as played by Donna Mills on General Hospital)

Useful information about Madeline Reeves

* Has deep hatred for her son-in-law Dr. Silas Clay.
* Determined to have Silas pay for her daughter Nina’s overdose.
* Prevented Silas from visiting Nina for 20 years.
* Her son James Reeves came to Port Charles under the assumed name Nathan West.
* Told her son and Silas that Nina was dead.
* Revealed that James was really the child of Dr. Liesl Obrecht.
* Revealed Nina was still alive.

Who's played Madeline Reeves over the years?

Donna Mills (March 15, 2014 - present)

Past History

Madeline Reeves arrived in Port Charles a few months after her son James Reeves was hired at PCPD under the name Nathan West. Madeline seemed to be impatient with how long it was taking her son to convict Dr. Silas Clay of overdosing his wife - and her daughter - Nina twenty years prior. Silas claimed to be guilty of cheating on Nina with Ava Jerome, but not attempted murder of his wife.

Madeline told her son and Silas that Nina had died. She was able to get Silas to sign away any claim to the money Nina left him in her will.

Flings and Relationships



Dr. Liesl Obrecht (sister)
Dr. Britt Westbourne (niece)


Nina Reeves Clay (daughter)
James Nathan Reeves/Nathan West (son)


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