Lucy Coe (as played by Lynn Herring on General Hospital)

Useful information about Lucy Coe

* Posed as a librarian to drive Terry Brock insane.
* Indirectly killed Victor Jerome when he choked on a locket he was going to gift her.
* Siphoned Eve Lambert's gas tank, which caused a car accident that blinded Serena Baldwin.
* Under investigation for running a pyramid scheme within her cosmetics company.
* Stabbed John McBain in the chest with a wooden stake thinking he was the vampire Caleb Morley.
* Escaped from Ferncliff with Heather Webber and Todd Manning.

Who's played Lucy Coe over the years?

Lynn Herring (April 11, 1986 - present)

Past History

Lucy Coe arrived in Port Charles in 1986 as a librarian involved with Kevin O'Connor. She later had an affair with Bobbie Spencer's then-husband Jake Meyer, then married Tony Jones. After Tony, she married Alan Quartermaine wearing a red dress. While married to Alan, she had an affair with Scott Baldwin, but ended up leaving town with Greg Bennett.

When she returned to town, Scott had fallen in love with Dominique Taub who was dying from brain cancer. Lucy agreed to be the surrogate mother for their child and gave birth to Serena. She then met psychiatrist Kevin Collins and they found love. She was briefly married to Rex Stanton in order to keep an eye on Serena but stood by Kevin during his mental breakdown and afterwards the couple planned to marry until she indirectly caused Serena’s blindness.

In time, Lucy and Kevin found their way back to one another, even battling vampires together. Lucy left Port Charles for several years but returned when Felix DuBois and Sabrina Santiago asked her to underwrite the Nurses’ Ball. Her funds were frozen but Lucy learned her ELQ voting share was valuable in a battle for power between Tracy and A.J. Quartermaine. Right after Lucy was named Co-CEO of ELQ she stabbed John McBain, thinking he was a vampire. Lucy maintained that John was Caleb even after crimes were committed while John was in jail. Later, John and Lucy were able to saved Sam from Caleb and she put an end to her slaying days.

She officiated the wedding between Mac Scorpio and Felicia Jones Scorpio at The Floating Rib.

Flings and Relationships

Kevin O'Connor
Jake Meyer
Victor Jerome
Tom Hardy
Damian Smith
Greg Bennett
Richard Halifax
Ian Thornhart


Decker Moss (cousin)
Rafe Kovich (cousin)
Charlene Simpson (aunt)
Colton Shore (cousin)


Serena Baldwin (surrogate mother)
Christina Baldwin (daughter via adoption)


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