Lucas “Luke” Lorenzo Spencer Sr. (as played by Anthony Geary on General Hospital)

Useful information about Lucas “Luke” Lorenzo Spencer Sr.

* Marital Status - Married.
* Raped Laura on the floor of the Campus Disco; Laura forgave him and he eventually came to terms with his actions. (1979)
* Killed Mikkos Cassadine when saving the world from Mikkos' climate machine. (1981)
* Believing that David Gray had killed Laura, Luke fought David and killed him.
* Killed Stavros Cassadine in a fight. (1983)
* Killed Frank Smith (A mob boss who forced Luke and Laura to live on the run for 12 years. (1994)
* Tried to kill Helena but when Katherine Bell died instead framed Helena and then Stefan for killing Katherine. (May 1998)
* Shoved Stavros Cassadine into a black hole underneath GH, effectively killing him - again. (9 November 2001)
* Tried to cover up the fact that Laura killed Rick Webber by falsely admitting to the crime himself. (September 2002)
* Burned PCPD in a self-destructive phase after Laura was committed. (November 2002)
* Stabbed and killed Stefan Cassadine because Stefan was responsible for Summer's death. (10 October 2003)
* Had Dillon Quartermaine attend Stefan Cassadine's funeral dressed as a woman so that everyone there would think that the woman was Luke when "she" wasn't. (16 October 2003)
* Illegally auctioned off the Dead-Man's Hand. (31 October 2003)
* Chloroformed Helena Cassadine, kidnapped her, and held her captive. (26 January 2004 to 3 February 2004)
* Blackmailed Helena, told her that if she didn't tell him where the Azure Key's treasure was, he would hold her captive until she starved to death. (3 February 2004)
* Sprang Edward Quartermaine from the Shadybrook Sanitarium. (March 2004)
* Fell ill during the encephalitis plague he brought to Port Charles. (January/February 2006)
* Married Tracy Quartermaine
* Accidentally hit and killed Jake with his car.

Who's played Lucas “Luke” Lorenzo Spencer Sr. over the years?

Anthony Geary (1978 - 1983; 1984; 29 October 1993 - Present)

Past History

Luke was summoned to Port Charles by his sister, Bobbie Spencer to aid her in splitting up Scotty Baldwin and Laura Webber, but the plan failed. Scott and Laura wed, but Luke hung around, opening his own business.

With Scotty in law school, Laura went to work at Luke's disco to help pay expenses. His attraction with her led his emotions on a roller coaster ride, and he ended up raping her after work one night. Laura refused to divulge her assailant, and actually forgave him. They eventually ended up together, getting married, and having Lucky while trying to escape the clutches of the mob. Luke was supposed to marry gangster, Frank Smith's daughter, Jennifer.

Ready to try to assume a normal life, Luke and Laura left their adventurous ride and returned to Port Charles, but their lives continued to involve suspense and intrigue. They saved the world by stopping Helena and Mikkos Cassadine from freezing it by using a machine invented to alter climate patterns. When Laura disappeared, Luke presumed it was part of the curse that Helena had placed on them at their wedding in 1981.

Luke teamed with a NY city reporter to search for Laura, and in the process, he met Holly Sutton. Although he was romantically attracted to her, Holly married Luke's friend, Robert Scorpio, causing a rift in their friendship. Luke decided to avoid Port Charles for a time, but when he returned, and was elected Mayor, and it was from the balcony of his mansion that he spied his long-lost, Laura.

Laura had escaped from the clutches of the Cassadines to return to find Luke. The two lovers resumed their life on the run from Frank Smith, moving to Canada, and then to Texas, where their first child, Lucky, was born. When Frank Smith was finally killed, Luke and Laura returned to PC where he opened a blues club with Sonny Corinthos. Life was normal for a while, until their daughter was born.

Because of Lulu's rare anemia and no available bone marrow matches, Laura was forced to search for the son she had left behind the one fathered by Stavros Cassadine, and the one she had kept hidden from Luke. The discovery of Laura's little secret caused their relationship to falter, as Laura continued to befriend Nikolas' uncle, Stefan, despite his underhanded dealings.

The ongoing war with the Cassadines continued to escalate, and life was always perilous. Lucky was presumed lost in a fire, but when Luke discovered his son was actually alive, he finally convinced Laura that Stefan had a part in their son's disappearance. When Lucky returned, he had been brainwashed by Helena and wasn't the same.

Lucky eventually regained his right mind with the help of psychologist, Kevin Collins, and Luke and Laura planned to wed. For some time, she had been losing bits and pieces of her memory, and before she was able to exchange vows with Luke, she suffered flashbacks of seeing her stepfather, Rick Webber, murder someone. When Laura was flipping out, Rick tried to administer a calming drug, and she hit him over the head.

Laura was found with Rick's dead body and had a complete mental breakdown. Luke confessed to keep his beloved from being convicted, and while he was being carted to jail, Laura was taken for psychiatric evaluation, and later to London for treatment. Luke eventually escaped and visited with her, but his presence seemed to worsen her condition. Her state of catatonia was deemed irreversible and Luke was heart-broken.

For years, he kept himself busy to keep from missing Laura, eventually marrying Tracy Quartermaine and using her finances to open a casino called The Haunted Star. He continued to visit Laura, hopeful for her recovery, and when learning of an experimental drug for people like her, Luke gave Dr. Robin Scorpio permission to administer the medication. Laura returned to sanity, but only for a short time, during which she got to see her grown children, share an early and last Christmas with them, and help Lulu find some peace of mind about her recent abortion.

Laura maintained her dignity by signing herself back into the sanitarium before she slipped away again. Before lapsing back into her catatonic state, she and Luke exchanged wedding vows in the Quartermaine garden. He hired a fake preacher to preside, since he was already married to Tracy, and prayed to his real wife for understanding, given Laura's limited time. Luke left his beloved at the mental facility once again, kissing her on the forehead and saying, "Goodbye, my angel."

In the ensuing years, Luke survived a heart attack and Lulu learning he had raped Laura years ago. Laura soon woke again in time to protect her daughter from Scott Baldwin, who was furious with Lulu for killing his son Logan Hayes. Out of revenge, Scott told Laura her re-marriage to Luke was a fraud. Despite her being back among the living, Luke remained with Tracy and Laura moved to France.

Soon afterwards, Luke learned he had an adult son with Holly Sutton - a grifter named Ethan Lovett. After a rocky start, they bonded, but then Luke was kidnapped by Helena Cassadine. Once he was freed, Luke returned to Port Charles and became caught up in the Lucky/Elizabeth/Nikolas triangle.

After Tracy was kidnapped by Helena, Luke soon joined her in captivity and in an attempt keep his delirious wife alert, confessed their marriage was never legal. Tracy was livid and wouldn't forgive Luke. He took off after stealing ten million dollars from her.

Luke finally returned home to reunite with Tracy, but before she would consider marrying him for real, she demanded all her money back - plus interest. They eventually married for real.

When Luke was on his way to Lucky's green card wedding to Siobhan, he unknowingly struck and killed Lucky's adopted son Jake Webber. When he was revealed to be the hit and run driver, everyone assumed he was drunk, but Luke insisted he was not. He did admit to having a couple of drinks though.

After a couple of weeks of denial and self destruction, Lucky convinced his family to hold an intervention. After drugging him and duct taping him to a chair, Luke's family and friends told him either he seek treatment or they would cut him out of their lives. Luke remained adamant he did not have a problem and left the intervention.

He eventually went to rehab, but skipped out on that as well. He was gone for some time, but returned to give Tracy a divorce. He also tried to repair his relationships with Lulu and Lucky.

When Robert returned after Robin's death, Luke found him on a bridge ready to jump. In order to give Robert a reason to live, Luke told him Ethan was his son, adding that he was in danger from Helena. His ruse worked and Robert came down from the ledge. He set out to find Ethan in order to save him, which he couldn't do for Robin.

Flings and Relationships

Laura_Spencer (raped)
Jennifer Smith (engaged)
Holly Sutton (lover)
Constance Townley (lover)
Tammy Hansen (one-night stand)
Felicia Cummings (one-night stand)
Summer (Laura) Halloway (kissed - deceased)
Faith Rosco (kissed)
Tracy Quartermaine (lovers/fake husband and wife)


Tim Spencer (father)
Lena Spencer (mother - deceased)
Barbara Jean Spencer (sister)
Ruby Anderson (aunt)
Bill Eckert (cousin - Deceased)
Jenny Eckert (cousin)
Fred Eckert (uncle - deceased)
Caroline Benson (niece)
Barbara Jean Jones (adoptive niece - deceased)
Lucas Jones (adoptive nephew)


Unnamed Child (miscarriage with Holly)
Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr. (son with Laura)
Lesley Lu Spencer (daughter with Laura)
Ethan Lovett (son with Holly)


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