Leyla Mir (as played by Nazanin Boniadi on General Hospital)

Useful information about Leyla Mir

*She's a student nurse.
*Anthony Zacchara found a striking resemblance between Layla and his late wife Maria (Johnny's mother).
*She was attracted to Dr. Patrick Drake since she first laid eyes on him.
*Robin Scorpio is jealous of her.
*Her mother was always trying to fix her up with a proper Persian man.
*She finally recovered from heartbreak over Patrick, and found true love. With a summer wedding planned, she died of the bio toxin drama at GH.

Who's played Leyla Mir over the years?

Nazanini Boniadi (2007 - February 2, 2009)

Past History

Lovely Leyla caught Patrick's eye the first time he laid eyes on her, but he was involved with Robin Scorpio. He kept it professional, but he contintued to find ways to work on the same cases as Leyla did, etc. At one point, he offered to help her study and she took him up on it -- showing up at his apartment. When Robin came home and found them playing with his race track, she broke up with Patrick.

Leyla and Patrick began dating, but Patrick was still in love with Robin, who was now pregnant. Leyla tried to make Patrick jealous by flirting with his friend and new doctor Ian Devlin, but that didn't work and Patrick eventually went back to Robin.

From there, Leyla hung around the hospital and had a flirtation with Dr. Leo Julian. She met her demise when the biotoxins were released at GH.

Flings and Relationships

Patrick Drake (fling)
Dr. Ian Devlin (Past) (flirtation)
Dr. Leo Julian (Past) (flirtation)






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