Lesley Webber (as played by Denise Alexander on General Hospital)

Useful information about Lesley Webber

* Marital Status - Single/Widowed.
* Kept in a drugged state by Stefan Cassadine.
* Poisoned by Heather Webber. (2004)
* Raised granddaughter, Lulu, when her own daughter was sent to a santarium.

Who's played Lesley Webber over the years?

Denise Alexander (1973 to 1984, 1996 - present; recurring)

Past History

When Lesley joined the staff at GH, her first patient was the wife of the man with whom Lesley had had an affair in medical school. He had gotten her pregnant, but the child had died after birth. All the horrible memories of losing her child came flooding back when the woman�s identity was revealed.

Lesley married Cameron Faulkner and discovered that the daughter she thought dead lived just a short distance away. After researching the child�s background, Lesley discovered that Jason and Barbara Vining had adopted Laura. Despite her husband�s warning to stay clear of the family, Leslie followed Laura, and eventually spoke with her. The Vinings, at first, worried about Laura�s new friend, and upon learning that Lesley was their daughter�s biological mother, they swore never to surrender Laura.

Based on Laura�s elation at discovering that Lesley was her �real� mom, Lesley filed for custody, and Laura came to spend time with her. Their reunion was a short one, when Laura became ill, and it was determined that the reason might be psychological. Lesley reluctantly let Laura return to the Vinings, hoping to visit her regularly. What she didn�t know was that Cameron paid them to move and take Laura far away. Lesley discovered Cameron�s underhanded secret and tried to leave him, but he kidnapped her. In a struggle for the steering wheel, the car crashed and he was killed.

Lesley found comfort in the arms of Dr. Rick Webber and they later married, despite his history with Monica Quartermaine. Lesley, still missing her daughter, Laura, enlisted Rick�s help to find her, and when they did, she was in a commune and had changed drastically. Although Laura wanted nothing to do with them, they took her back to Port Charles, worked with her, and eventually started to be a happy family.

Lesley wanted to have a child with Rick, but she had been told she couldn�t conceive without putting her life at risk. Her heart was broken when she delivered Monica Quartermaine�s child and Monica told her that the baby belonged to Rick, conceived during an intimate moment while the hospital was under quarantine. When confronted, Rick left Port Charles to ponder his feelings about the two women in his life.

When the child, Alan Jr., developed a heart problem, Rick was summoned back to perform surgery. A paternity suit resulted in a test that proved the child really belonged to Alan Sr. After a brief time away again, Rick returned and remarried Lesley.

In 2002 Rick was scheduled to give Laura away in her second marriage to Luke. It was at that time that she began having flashbacks about something that happened in the garage attic years before. When Rick realized that Laura was remembering, he tried to give her a calming drug, but she panicked, hitting him over the head, killing him. While Luke whisked Laura way and hid her, Lucky and Nikolas took Rick�s body and tried to make it appear as though he had met his end in a drunk-driving accident.

Laura ended up having a mental break-down, was institutionalized and left Lesley to care for LuLu. Lesley experienced a breath-taking moment when daughter, Laura, was revived from her catatonic state after so many years, and got to spend time with the family for a short time before she drifted away again.

Flings and Relationships

Gordon Gray


Nikolas Cassadine (grandson)
Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr. (grandson)
Lesley Lu Spencer (granddaughter)
Spencer Cassadine (great-grandson)


Laura Webber(daughter with Gordon - adopted by Rick)
Unnamed Child (with Cameron - deceased)


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