Larry Ashton (as played by Hugo Napier on General Hospital)

Useful information about Larry Ashton

* Falsely posed as an Ashton heir and lost his title.
* Helped form a cartel with Cesar Faison.
* Once married to Tracy Quartermaine.
* Was returned to Port Charles by Jerry Jacks.

Who's played Larry Ashton over the years?

Hugo Napier (1988 - present)

Past History

Lord Larry Ashton first arrived in Port Charles in 1988 aboard a yacht, but heavily in debt. Along with his wife at the time, Arielle Gastineau Ashton, they searched for an ancient Chinese treasure. Tracy Quartermaine, Larry's ex and mother of two of his children, learned he was not actually the Ashton heir and blackmailed him into giving her half the treasure should they find it. They didn't, and Larry left town.

Larry returned in 1991 to form a cartel with Cesar Faison and a few other bad guys. He tried to get ELQ stock from Tracy but the cartel was busted up and he left Port Charles again.

Larry came back in 2014, unceremoniously dumped onto the patio of the Quartermaine estate in front of Tracy and his son Ned Ashton by Jerry Jacks, who had offered to exchange Tracy's husband for ELQ stock. Unfortunately, she was expecting her current husband, Luke Spencer, not Larry. Later, Alice overheard Larry conspiring with Jerry on the phone before he encouraged Tracy to usurp Michael Corinthos as CEO of ELQ, who also distrusted Larry.


Charlie Prince (half-brother)
Brook Lynn Ashton (granddaughter)


Ned Ashton (son)


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