Lady Jane Jacks (as played by Barbara Tarbuck on General Hospital)

Useful information about Lady Jane Jacks

*She's a loving mother to Jax and Jerry.
*She had a wonderful and adventurous marriage to John Jacks.
*Although she and her husband came into a great deal of money, they moved to Alaska to raise their boys with a life adventure.
*She is sad that her son Jerry has chosen a life of questionable business ethics, but she loves him very much.

Who's played Lady Jane Jacks over the years?

Barbara Tarbuck (1996 - Present)

Past History

She lives in Alaska alone, now that her husband John has passed away. She comes to Port Charles to visit her "good" son, Jax. Her other son, Jerry, is always running a scam or from the law. This disappoints her, but her love for her sons knows no boundaries. She also remains supportive of Carly and Jax's union, as she sees Carly as the best of the women in her son's life.

Flings and Relationships





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