Kiefer Bauer (as played by Christian Alexander on General Hospital)

Useful information about Kiefer Bauer

* Taunted Michael about his brain injury.
* Dated Kristina Corinthos Davis.
* Hit Kristina and pressured her about sex.
* Beat Kristina so badly she ended up in the hospital.
* Was killed after Alexis struck him with her car.

Who's played Kiefer Bauer over the years?

Christian Alexander (June 18, 2009 - April 7, 2010)

Past History

Kiefer began dating Kristina Corinthos Davis in the summer of 2009. While he put on a good show for the adults, which Alexis seemingly bought, Sonny and Carly, didn't trust him and with good reason, as Kiefer was abusive with Kristina and pressured her to have sex with him.

He also had several run-ins with Kristina's brother Michael, who didn't trust him around his sister.

Kristina ended up in the hospital after getting beaten by Kiefer, but fearing Sonny would kill her boyfriend, she blamed Ethan. Kiefer did his best to make it up to Kristina, but eventually became enraged when she dropped the charges against Ethan and the cops started closing in on him. Alexis found her daughter bloody and bruised after bumping into Kiefer and then hit him with her car on the way to the hospital. Kiefer eventually died from his injuries.

Flings and Relationships

Kristina Corinthos Davis (dated)


Melinda Bauer (mother)
Warren Bauer (father)


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