Julian Jerome (as played by William deVry on General Hospital)

Useful information about Julian Jerome

* Thought dead after a shootout with Jonathon Paget.
* Returned to Port Charles in 2013 using the name Derek Wells.
* Has a son who was adopted by Tony Jones and Bobbie Spencer.
* Had a one-night stand with teenage Alexis Davis, resulting in her pregnancy to Samantha McCall.

Who's played Julian Jerome over the years?

William deVry (July 30, 2013 - present)
Jason Culp (1988 - 1990)

Past History

Julian Jerome is the son of notorious crime boss Victor Jerome. He wanted to take his father's place but his sister Olivia wanted to take over the family business instead. She conspired to kill Julian, but he was on to her and worked with Victor to fake his death. Victor died soon after and Julian used Olivia's obsession with Duke Lavery, a member of the family's organization, to set her up for Duke's murder. When Olivia figured it out, Julian killed her.

After Olivia's death, Julian became concerned with Jonathon Paget, who claimed to be Duke Lavery. Jonathon and Julian fought and were both presumed deceased. After, his lover Cheryl Stansbury was found to be pregnant with his son, who was adopted and raised by Tony Jones and Bobbie Spencer.

The Jerome family was not heard of for several years. Julian's sister Ava and her daughter Kiki came to Port Charles to get their share of ELQ. Julian arrived shortly after using the alias Derek Wells. He and Ava planned to take over Sonny Corinthos' territory, which used to belong to the Jerome family. Ava used an online gambling ring to connect Sonny's son Morgan Corinthos with her daughter while Julian went after Sonny's girlfriend, Connie Falconeri, by taking over Crimson.

Flings and Relationships

Alexis Davis (one-night stand)
Cheryl Stansbury (lovers)


Victor Jerome (father; deceased)
Olivia St. John (sister; deceased)
Evan Jerome (brother; deceased)
Ava Jerome (sister)
Dino (half-brother)
Evan Jerome Jr. (nephew)
Katherine "Kiki" Jerome (niece)
Daniel Morgan (grandson)


Samantha McCall Morgan (daughter)
Lucas Jones (son; adopted by Tony Jones and Bobbie Spencer)


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