Josslyn Jacks (as played by Eden McCoy on General Hospital)

Useful information about Josslyn Jacks

* Born after Claudia Zacchara kidnapped her mother Carly Corinthos Jacks.
* Her brother Michael Corinthos saved her from being kidnapped by Claudia.
* Had a kidney transplant at an early age.
* Kidnapped by Ewen Keenan.
* Plays volleyball.
* Oscar Nero is her first love.

Who's played Josslyn Jacks over the years?

Eden McCoy (2015 – present)
Hannah Nordberg (2014 – 2015)
Paige Oliver (2013)
Sarah Johnson (2012 – 2013)
McKenna and Karleigh Larson (2009 – 2012)
Jamie Lea Willet (2009)

Past History

Josslyn Jacks was born after her mother Carly Corinthos Jacks was kidnapped by Claudia Zacchara. After helping to deliver Joss, Claudia tried to take off with the newborn, but Joss’ brother Michael Corinthos showed up and killed Claudia. Joss was later diagnosed with kidney cancer and received a transplant from little Jake Webber, who had just died. Or so they thought. Jake turned up alive years later and it was revealed that Joss’ donor was Nelle Benson.

After Joss’ parents – Carly and Jasper Jacks – split up, a young Joss spent a lot of time visiting her father in Australia. When she was in Port Charles, Josslyn rebelled against her mother’s relationship with Franco Baldwin and crushed on Cameron Spencer. Upon becoming a teenager, she grieved her brother Morgan’s death, dabbled in shoplifting and eventually came around to accepting mob boss Sonny Corinthos as her stepfather. She also learned that her father had bought Nelle’s kidney on the black market to save her life. Joss befriended Nelle before it was revealed the unwitting organ donor was out to destroy Carly - Nelle's sister by adoption (who she never met before).

Joss’s first love was with her classmate Oscar Nero, who discovered he had a brain tumor. She used Cameron to make Oscar jealous when he tried to push her away without telling her about his terminal illness. Cameron had feelings for Joss however and eventually told her about Oscar’s condition. Joss and Oscar reunited and all three friends set out to check off the items on Oscar’s bucket list.

Past Marriages


Flings and Relationships

Oscar Nero (boyfriend)
Cameron Spencer (childhood boyfriend/kissed as a teen)


Carly Corinthos (mother)
Jasper "Jax" Jacks (father)
John Durant (maternal grandfather - deceased)
Bobbie Spencer (maternal grandmother)
Virginia Benson (maternal adoptive grandmother - deceased)
John Jacks (paternal grandfather – deceased)
Lady Jane Jacks (paternal grandmother – deceased)
Tim Spencer (maternal great-grandfather - deceased)
Lena Spencer (maternal great-grandmother - deceased)
Luke Spencer (maternal great-uncle)
Jerry Jacks (paternal uncle)
Lucas Jones (maternal uncle by adoption)
Lucky Spencer (maternal second cousin)
Lulu Spencer (maternal second cousin)
Ethan Lovett (maternal second cousin)
Michael Morgan Corinthos III (half-brother)
Morgan Corinthos (half-brother - deceased)




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