Jordan Ashford (as played by Vinessa Antoine on General Hospital)

Useful information about Jordan Ashford

* Her husband was accidentally killed by his Marine buddy, Shawn Butler, during combat.
* After her husband's death she couldn't handle her son, TJ Ashford, and sent him to live with Shawn in Port Charles.
* Returned to take TJ home when she learned Shawn was working for the mob.
* Was hired by Ava Jerome to work in her art gallery.

Who's played Jordan Ashford over the years?

Vinessa Antoine (March 15, 2014 - present)

Past History

Jordan Ashford put the care of her son TJ Ashford in the hands of Shawn Butler, the man who accidentally killed her husband Thomas "Tommy" Ashford Sr. while in combat in the Marines.

Jordan arrived in Port Charles after she received a call from Shawn a few years later. He wanted her to watch TJ after he was witness to a mob shootout.

Jordan accused Shawn of putting TJ in danger by working for Sonny Corinthos. Shawn told Jordan he only had TJ because she had put her son in jeopardy herself. Jordan insisted that she had changed and opted to stay in town instead of fighting to leave with TJ.

Jordan was hired to work in the art gallery of Ava Jerome. Ava was part of the Jerome mob family, the enemy of Sonny.



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