John McBain (as played by Michael Easton on General Hospital)

Useful information about John McBain

* Resides at the Angel's Square Hotel.
* Became a cop to be like his father who was murdered when he was just a boy.
* Witnessed the murder of his fiancee Caitlin.
* Captured the Music Box & Killing Club killers.
* Found Margaret Cochran alive.
* Didn't tell Natalie that Cristian was alive in prison.
* Was severely burned in a car crash and presumed dead.
* Rescued Marty Saybrooke from Todd Manning.
* Had a baby with Natalie.
* Has a history with Sonny Corinthos.

Who's played John McBain over the years?

Michael Easton (October 2003 - present)

Past History

When John McBain came to Llanview in 2003, he fooled many into thinking he was a pool scout, most notably Natalie Buchanan. It soon became known that John was an FBI agent, one of the good guys.

A man haunted by many demons, John has loved and lost. When he finally found his father's killer, John was ready to put some of the pain behind and open himself up to the one woman who knew him best... Natalie.

However, on one fatefully night, John was involved in a massive car accident and presumed dead, leaving Natalie devastated. What no one knew was that John was alive, in a hospital bed, thought to be Hugh Hughes! With the truth finally out, John now faces a new road ahead filled with hard, emotional challenges.

Though John and Natalie tried to make a go of their relationship, things didn't work out, and John started dating Marty Saybrooke. Just as John and Marty grew close, John was left to believe that Marty had died after blowing up in a van while John was chasing the people stalking Cole.

Months later, not able to get Marty out of his mind, John put the pieces together and realized that Todd Manning, who had rescued Marty from Lee Ramsey's, where she'd been held hostage after a memory loss, had been holding her at his place.

John saved Marty, who had no memory of him, and helped her realize who Todd Manning really was - not the man who Marty had fallen in love with! It took a while, but John was able to get through to Marty, and rebuild their relationship - and even went back to work on the police force, as well as bought Rodi's.

John's next case was trying to prove that Jared Banks was behind the stalkings surrounding Jessica Brennan. Natalie didn't appreciate John implying such a thing, but John only wanted to get to the truth - in order to protect Natalie, who he admitted he'd always care about.

After Jared died at the hands of Mitch, John and Natalie grew close again. This came soon after he and Marty lost their baby after Eli Clarke pushed her down the stairs. During John and Natalie's reunion, they got their wires crossed and Natalie slept with Brody, thinking John didn't want her back.

John and Natalie decided to give their relationship another shot. When Natalie found out she was pregnant, John decided he couldn't wait to make a family with Natalie. After the baby was born, and after weeks of Marty trying to tell John the truth, Natalie was forced to admit at their double wedding with Jessica and Brody that she and Brody had a one night stand - and her baby was really Brody's! John refused to forgive Natalie and eased his sorrows in the arms of Kelly Cramer, who had been fighting her own battle with love for Joey.

During one of John's many drinking benders, Todd approached him to look into Tomas' past. John refused then ended up with Todd in the Rodi's parking lot facing gunfire. Todd was shot, but John managed to hit the gunman with one of bullets. John began his latest investigation and became suspicious of Tomas. He got sidetracked when he had to deal with an obsessed Marty, but his investigation into Tomas ultimately led him to the real Todd Manning.

John then learned Liam was his child and reunited with Natalie. He also arrested Todd for killing Victor Lord, Jr., who everyone thought was Todd Manning for years. When Todd jumped bail to rush to Starr's side in Port Charles, McBain followed. After bringing Manning back to Llanview, McBain returned to finish some old business with Sonny Corinthos.

Flings and Relationships

Thomas McBain (father - deceased)
Eve McBain (mother)
Michael McBain (brother)
Shannon McBain (cousin)


Liam Asa (son with Natalie Buchanan Banks)
Unborn Child (miscarriage with Marty Saybrooke Thornhart)


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