Father Mateo Ruiz (as played by Robert LaSardo on General Hospital)

Useful information about Father Mateo Ruiz

*Mateo Ruiz is a reformed criminal who became a priest to attone for his sins.
*He had an identical twin who was equally evil, but never reformed. His name was Manny.
*Manny was thrown off the General Hospital roof and killed.
*It is still unclear whether or not Mateo is truly a good guy, or whether he's using the priesthood as a disguise.

Who's played Father Mateo Ruiz over the years?

Robert LaSardo (December 20, 2006 - March 2, 2007)

Past History

Mateo Ruiz came to Port Charles after being released from prison a changed, and holy, man. His evil twin, Manny was a Miami-base mobster who terrorized the people of Port Charles before he was killed. That's what brought Mateo Ruiz to town, in fact. He wanted to try to make up for the bad that his brother did to the community. He was a priest at Sonny's church, although some people weren't convinced he was really a changed man. During the Metro Court hostage crisis, Father Ruiz killed one of James Craig's armed gunmen in self defense, and he caught some of the retaliating gunfire in the chest. He recovered, but wasn't seen on canvas much, if at all after that.

Flings and Relationships



Hector Ruiz - father (deceased)
Manny Ruiz - twin brother (deceased)
Javier Ruiz - brother (deceased)




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