Dr. Silas Clay (as played by Michael Easton on General Hospital)

Useful information about Dr. Silas Clay

* Went to Columbia Medical School.
* Had an affair with Ava Jerome while he was married, conceiving Kiki Jerome.
* Moved to Port Charles after his twin brother Stephen Clay died.
* Fought Sam Morgan for custody of his nephew, Rafe Kovich Jr.
* Treated Danny Morgan for leukemia, then began dating his mom Sam Morgan.
* Was married to Nina Clay, who returned to his life after a 20-year coma.
* Hid Ava after she was thought dead after a jailbreak.
* Diagnosed Ava with cancer and she asked him to help her die.

Who's played Dr. Silas Clay over the years?

Michael Easton (May 14 2013 - present)

Past History

Silas first appeared when Sam McCall ran into him by chance in New York. She thought that he was his twin brother, Stephen, who had terrorized her before supposedly dying. He finally convinced her that he wasn't. She told Silas that he had a nephew, Rafe Kovich Jr. He wasn't interested at first but later visited Port Charles to petition for custody of Rafe, who was being fostered by Sam. Although Silas won custody, he decided it might be for the best for Rafe to stay with Sam because as the new oncologist at General Hospital he had to tell her the devastating news that her baby, Danny Morgan, had leukemia.

Silas soon ran into a woman from his past, Ava Jerome, and when he learned she had a daughter, Kiki, he began to suspect he was the dad. Ava insisted twisted artist Franco was Kiki’s dad, but that lie was shattered and Silas was confirmed as Kiki’s pop. She had been conceived during an affair years ago with Ava. Silas reconnected with Kiki, and while he saved baby Danny’s life grew closer to Sam. Ava decided she wanted another chance with Silas, but he was in pursuit of Sam.

Silas and Sam began dating and Rafe moved in with Silas. It wasn’t long before Silas was contacted by a Det. Nathan West from New York who was investigating something Silas wanted to keep secret. Nathan joined the PCPD and made hounding Silas his full-time job. He told Sam that Silas was married and it soon came out that his wife, Nina Clay, had been in a coma for 20 years. She had overdosed on anti-depressants when she had learned about the affair. Silas had always blamed himself and Nina’s family agreed – they had refused him visits with Nina. Nathan wanted to prove Silas had attempted murdering Nina, which Silas vehemently denied. Silas suspected Ava was to blame.

Sam and Silas went to the clinic where Nina was a patient but she was gone. Her mother, Madeline Reeves, told Silas that Nina was dead. After Sam and Silas set a trap, it was clear Madeline was to blame for her daughter’s death, having injected her with the medicine in hopes of killing the baby Nina was carrying.

But Nina was alive and wanted Silas back. She was confined to a wheelchair and Silas offered her a place to stay while she went to physical therapy. Silas clashed with Nina’s nurse Rosalie Martinez who did not approve of his relationship with Sam, but he was unaware the two were actually plotting against him. They encouraged Rafe to run when he was in trouble with the law, and he ended up dying while Dr. Patrick Drake was operating. Silas did not think Patrick did all he could to save Rafe, and Nina used that to turn Sam and Silas against each other. They broke up and Silas slept with Nina before he realized she had set him and Sam up to fail and he broke up with her.

Silas tried to protect Ava when she was pregnant and Sonny was after her, but it was Nina who stole Ava’s baby and ran off to Canada with Franco. Silas helped get the baby back. After Ava was thought dead in a jail break, Silas kept Ava hidden in a New York clinic to secretly nurse her back to health. Silas found out that Ava was dying of cancer, and when he told her how dire the prognosis was she asked Silas to help her die.

Flings and Relationships

Ava Jerome (past affair)
Samantha Morgan (dated)


Stephen Clay (brother - deceased)
Rafe Kovich Jr. (nephew - deceased)


Kiki Jerome (daughter)


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