Dr. Leo Julian (as played by Dominic Rains on General Hospital)

Useful information about Dr. Leo Julian

*He would rather be a guitar-playing rock star than perform heart surgery.

Who's played Dr. Leo Julian over the years?

Ethan Rains (July 22, 2008 - October 21, 2008)
Dominic Rains (July 12, 2007 - October 4, 2007)

Past History

A surgeon at General Hospital, Leo was adopted by the Julian family when he was four or five years old and had a rocky relationship with adopted brother Kyle, who was an intern at the hospital.

Leo was also a bit of a ladies man, but began dating Dr. Saira Batra and developed genuine feelings for her. He sabotaged things though by sleeping with intern Claire Simpson, who was best friends with his brother, further straining their relationship as well.

He wasn't seen again after the second season of "GH: Night Shift" ended.

Flings and Relationships


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