Dr. Kim Nero (as played by Tamara Braun on General Hospital)

Useful information about Dr. Kim Nero

* Introduced while attending Carly and Sonny’s Thanksgiving dinner with son Oscar, who was dating Carly’s daughter Joss.

Who's played Dr. Kim Nero over the years?

Tamara Braun (November 22, 2017 - present)

Past History

Kim Nero was mentioned for months as Oscar Nero’s offscreen mother, who was always busy with work. Carly insisted on meeting Kim because Oscar was dating her daughter Joss, though Oscar continued to put off Carly meeting his mom. They finally met on Thanksgiving of 2017 when Carly insisted Kim and Oscar join her and her family for dinner. Kim was very protective of her son Oscar, who she raised as a single mother, and was wary of Sonny’s mob connections. She was stunned at the dinner to come face to face with Jason Morgan, who didn't seem to know who she was.

It was soon revealed that Kim purposely came to town because she learned through a DNA test that her son had relatives in Port Charles and she wanted him to be able to know his family. She did not know that his long lost father, Drew Cain, was alive and was the brother of Jason Morgan of the Quartermaine family. When Oscar began digging into the identity of his father, Kim was forced to admit to him and Drew they were father and son. Kim’s relationship with Drew was a brief summer romance in San Francisco before Drew was shipped off as part of the Navy Seals. When he never returned she feared him dead, and resolved to raise Oscar on her own. Drew did not know she was pregnant before he shipped out on assignment.

Kim took a job at GH as an OBGYN. In 2018 Kim began dating Julian Jerome, who she refers to as Charlie due to his owning Charlie’s pub, but has admitted to never getting over Drew.

Flings and Relationships

Drew Cain (past lovers)
Julian Jerome (dating)




Oscar Nero (son with Drew Cain)


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