Dr. Ian Devlin (as played by Seamus Dever on General Hospital)

Useful information about Dr. Ian Devlin

*Went to medical school with Patrick Drake.
*He butts heads with Robin Scorpio, but the other women of GH are happy to have a new bachelor on staff.
*He's charming, confident and has a way with women.
*He is NOT related to Dr. Julie Devlin - a character from spinoff Port Charles.
*He sold illegal drugs to Nikolas Cassidine for $1 million.
*Claudia Zacchara hired him to kill Sonny, but his bullet ricocheted and put his son Michael in a coma.
*Jason Morgan killed him to prevent him from slashing Maxie Jones' throat.

Who's played Dr. Ian Devlin over the years?

Seamus Dever (January 25, 2008 - May 6, 2008)

Past History

When Ian came to Port Charles, his old college buddy Patrick couldn't believe it. He commented that going from plastic surgery to oncology is a strange choice, but then the two picked up where they left off.

Ian soon started showing signs of shady behavior and was hired by Claudia Zacchara to shoot Sonny Corinthos. The hit went badly however and the bullet ricocheted into Michael Corinthos instead, putting him into a coma. When Jason found out Ian was involved, he killed him.

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