Dr. David Bensch (as played by James DePaiva on General Hospital)

Useful information about Dr. David Bensch

* Introduced as a doctor attending to an injured Sam Morgan at GH.
* Quickly became a potential new love interest for Alexis Davis.
* Accused of sexual harassment at GH.

Who's played Dr. David Bensch over the years?

James DePaiva (July 5, 2017 - present)

Past History

Dr. David Bensch was introduced in 2017 as a doctor who saw Sam Morgan at GH. Sam was suffering from hallucinations and delusions and unsure why, not knowing she had a rare form of blood poisoning after giving birth to her daughter Emily "Scout" in the woods of Port Charles, after being left there for dead by her crazy aunt, Olivia Jerome. Sam realized Bensch might be good for her mother Alexis Davis, who was having a hard time moving on from Sam’s father Julian Jerome, so she set them up. David and Alexis dated briefly, but the relationship went nowhere.

Dr. Bensch began to take an interest in Kiki Jerome, who was working at the hospital initially as a nursing assistant. He saw promise in her and pushed her to consider a career in medicine, even helping her study for her MCATs. Bensch wrote Kiki a stellar recommendation and helped fast track her into medical school, as well as got her a spot in GH’s prestigious Shadow Program, which pairs promising students with established doctors they can learn from. Dr. Bensch’s interest in Kiki quickly changed from a mentor to someone obsessed with the young student. He went out of his way to arrange study lunches and dinners with her, gave her shoulder massages under the guise that tension would impede her work, and eventually kissed her. He claimed she was sending him mixed signals, which caused Kiki to doubt whether he was harassing her or not initially. Later he threatened to write her a bad evaluation if she did not meet him in his hotel room to convince him to change it. Kiki reported Bensch to Monica Quartermaine and HR, but the out-dated harassment policy favored the doctor. Bensch claimed to the GH board it was all a misunderstanding, and the investigation was dropped. With no other choice, Kiki began pursing legal action against Bensch, learning he had also sexually harassed another nurse at GH, Francesca.

Flings and Relationships

Alexis Davis (dated)
Nurse Francesca (coerced sexual relationship at work)






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