Diego Sanchez Alcazar (as played by Ignacio Serricchio on General Hospital)

Useful information about Diego Sanchez Alcazar

*He was a troubled foster child of Courtney Matthews
*He learned as a teenager that his sister Maria was really his birth mother who had to hide his identity because his father was a mob kingpin in South America.
*Angry that his cousin was murdered, he terrorized female Port Charles University students.
*He went to jail, but Georgie Jones befriended him.
*He was shot by Sam McCall on November 17, 2006 because he was about to shoot Jason Morgan. He was assumed dead.
*In 2008, he was revealed as Port Charle's Text Message Killer.

Who's played Diego Sanchez Alcazar over the years?

Ignacio Serricchio (September 2004 - March 5, 2008)

Past History

Diego was brought to the attention of Port Charles residents as the foster child of philanthropist Courtney Matthews. Diego quickly caused trouble by stealing money from Lucas Jones. Brook Lynn Ashton's mother was dating his father Lorenzo and they became friends. Diego ultimately saved Brook Lynn from a mob-related warehouse bombing and redeemed himself a little to Port Charles' finest. But not for long as Diego continued to try to make a name for himself with the mob. He found some letters from his "sister" and took off for Mexico to find her. Brook Lynn, her uncle Dillon Quartermaine and his girlfriend Georgie Jones came along for the adventure. They found Maria, but she insisted it was too dangerous for them down there. Diego returned to Port Charles thinking that Sonny Corinthos - mob boss - was his father. Sly Dillon, however, soon found out otherwise. He connected the design in Maria's necklace to that of the corporate logo of Lorenzo Alcazar and soon it was revealed that Lorezo and Maria where Diego's parents.

Diego started to change for the worse after he forged some kind of relationship with is estranged father. His relationship with Brook Lynn ended and he soon became interested in Maxie Jones. Both Brook and Maxie were given date rape drugs and nude photos of them appeared on the internet. Diego was eventually revealed to be the culprit and sent to prison.

Even though he hurt her sister Maxie, Georgie Jones became Diego's prison pen pal - much to her beau Dillon's dismay. Diego was a model prisoner and was released early. On the outside, psycho Manny Ruiz used Diego as a way to get revenge against one of his inmate buddies. Manny attempted to shoot Diego, but it was PCPD office Jesse who died in the line of fire (Maxie's boyfriend).

Diego wanted to be with Georgie, so he encouraged Lulu Spencer to help him break Dillon and Georgie up. Georgie remained close to Dillon despite their efforts and Diego set his sights on being his father's mob partner.

His first major task was to kill Jason and Sam, but Sam shot him first in order to defend Jason. He was thought to be dead until he returned to Port Charles as the Text Message Killer in 2008. He explained that when Lorenzo was holding his bleeding body, he felt a weak pulse and told the authorities that he would make the funeral arrangements. Instead, he whisked Diego and a surgeon down to South America. Diego healed and plotted in the interim years and returned to Port Charles with a vengeance.

He murdered Leticia, Emily, Georgie, Coop and made attempts at Maxie, Alexis and Sam before dying at the hands of Nikolas Cassadine and Damien Spinelli.

Flings and Relationships

Brook Lynn Ashton (dated)
Georgie Jones (kissed)


Lorenzo Alcazar (father)
Maria Sanchez (mother)
Luis Alcazar (deceased uncle)
Sage Alcazar (deceased cousin)
Lila Rae Quartermaine (paternal half-sister)




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