Cooper Barrett (as played by Jason Gerhardt on General Hospital)

Useful information about Cooper Barrett

*He was hired to be a gunman for bad guy Mr. Craig.
*With Maria Maximilliana "Maxie" Jones help, he was able to stick around Port Charles without anyone knowing that he was one of the Metro Court hostage takers.
*Sonny Corinthos eventually found out and threatened to expose him if he didn't land a job at the PCPD and work on this inside on his behalf.
*Maria Maximilliana "Maxie" Jones stole a copy of the cop exam from her father, who is the Police Chief, so that he could pass easily.
*It is unclear whether his hanging death was by suicide or not.
*At the time of his death, he was assumed to be the Text Message Killer.

Who's played Cooper Barrett over the years?

Jason Gerhardt (2007 - January 28, 2008)

Past History

Supposedly he did a stint in the Army in Iraq, where he served alongside Logan Hayes. Then he signed on to make some quick cash as one of James Craig's goons in the Metro Court hostage crisis of '07. He was locked in the safe with Maxi Jones during the 24-hour standoff and she convinced him to stick around Port Charles -- IF he didn't get busted or die!

He took a job as a cadet in the PCPD and ended up dating Maxie. They broke up for a while, but had just started to reconcile when he was found hanging in his room above Kelly's.

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