Claire Walsh (as played by Dahlia Salem on General Hospital)

Useful information about Claire Walsh

* Federal Prosecutor.
* Brought in by Jax to prosecute Sonny for Claudia's murder.
* Slept with Sonny.

Who's played Claire Walsh over the years?

Dahlia Salem (February 24, 2010 - present)

Past History

Came to Port Charles to prosecute Sonny for Claudia's murder after Jax pulled some strings to bring her in. Over the course of the trial Michael ended up confessing and going to prison for the crime. Claire agreed to arrest Jason and place him in Michael's cell in order to protect him.

Claire remained in Port Charles as Federal Prosecutor intent on busting Sonny. Part of her plan was to flirt with him in order to get him to trust her. She fell for him though and they slept together. She recused herself from any further investigations of him and was prepared to see where things went with them. However, Brenda came to town and Sonny broke things off with Claire.

Flings and Relationships





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