Cameron Spencer (Past) (as played by Michael Leone on General Hospital)

Useful information about Cameron Spencer (Past)

* Son of Elizabeth Webber and Zander Smith, product of a one-night-stand.
* Born May 2004.
* Raised with Lucky Spencer as his father figure.
* Accidentally burned down his house when he was very young.
* Had a hard time dealing with the death of his younger brother Jake.
* In constant battle with Spencer Cassadine for Emma Drake's affections.
* Accidentally caused the fire that injured Spencer on his birthday.

Who's played Cameron Spencer (Past) over the years?

Michael Leone (2013 - present)
Anthony Saliba (2013)
Braeden Walkes (2006 - 2012)
Ashwyn Bagga (2005 - 2006)

Past History

Cameron Spencer was conceived after his mother Elizabeth Webber turned to her friend Zander Smith when her disastrous marriage to Ric Lansing was on the rocks. Zander agreed to step aside so Elizabeth and Ric could be together, and died before Cameron was born. Cameron is named after Zander’s father, Cameron Lewis, and was born off camera in 2004. When Elizabeth reunited with her former boyfriend Lucky Spencer, he became Cam’s father figure until he left town after the accidental death of Cam’s little brother Jake.

Cameron competed with Spencer Cassadine for the love of Emma Drake, and she chose Cameron. This set off a rivalry between the two young men, and each year when Cam and Emma attempted to dance the tango at the Nurses’ Ball, Spencer found a way to stop them. When Cameron accidentally started a fire at Wyndemere that severely burned Spencer, he accused Cameron of doing it on purpose, and Elizabeth briefly worried about his actions too because Cam had accidentally burned down their home when he was playing with matches when he was younger.


Zander Smith (father - deceased)
Elizabeth Webber (mother)
Jacob Martin Spencer (half-brother - deceased)
Aiden Nikolas Spencer (half-brother)
Cameron Lewis (grandfather - deceased)
Jeff Webber (grandfather)
Peter Lewis (uncle - deceased)
Sarah Webber (aunt)
Steven Lars Webber (uncle)
Steve Hardy (great-grandfather - deceased)
Audrey March Hardy (great-grandmother)
Helene Webber (great-grandmother - deceased)
Tom Hardy Sr. (great-uncle from adoption)
Terri Webber (great-aunt)
Rick Webber (great-uncle)
Rick Webber Jr. (cousin)


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