Brook Lynn Ashton (as played by Adrianne Leon on General Hospital)

Useful information about Brook Lynn Ashton

* Daughter of Ned Ashton and Lois Cerullo.
* Didn't want anyone to know who she was when she came to town as a teen.
* Despite having a great singing voice, didn't want to sing professionally.
* Ran away to Mexico with Diego.
* After being drugged at a party, naked photos of her were found on the Internet.
* Left town shortly after Diego was revealed to be a stalker.
* Returned to Port Charles after Carly paid her to seduce Dante.

Who's played Brook Lynn Ashton over the years?

Adrianne Leon (2004 - 2006; May 21, 2010 - present)
Brooke Radding (1999 - 2001)

Past History

Brook was raised by her mother Lois in Bensonhurst after her parents divorced. When she came to Port Charles as a teenager, she displayed a natural singing ability, but didn’t want to pursue a professional career.

She befriended Dillon and Georgie and dated Diego Alcazar for a brief time. She eventually came around to the idea of landing a recording contract and competed with Sage Alcazar for one. Sage was a bit on the obnoxious side and never completely fit in with the rest of the group. When Sage was killed by Mary Bishop after Georgie locked her in the Q's non-working freezer, her uncle Lorenzo blamed the kids for it.

In her college years, Brook became a target for the Port Charles Stalker. After being drugged by him, naked photos of her started circulating on the Internet. The stalker was revealed to be Diego who was avenging his cousin Sage's death. Brook went back to New York soon after.

Carly tracked Brook down years later and bribed her to seduce her childhood friend Dante, thereby breaking up his relationship with Lulu. Brook drugged Dante and came on to him, but Lulu came in before things went any further. Brook's manipulations came to light, leading to the end of her friendship with Dante.

Not wanting to toe the Quartermaine line, Brook took Nikolas' offer to be his date to parties and events. She moved into Wyndemere and the two developed feelings for each other. However, Nikolas had to end their relationship in order to be available to his family who were grieving the loss of Jake.

Flings and Relationships

Dante Falconeri (tried to seduce)
Diego Sanchez Alcazar (dated)


Ned Ashton (father)
Lois Cerullo (mother)
Larry Ashton (paternal grandfather)
Tracy Quartermaine (paternal grandmother)
Carmine Cerullo (maternal grandfather)
Gloria Cerullo (maternal grandmother)
Edward Quartermaine (paternal great-grandfather)
Lila Quartermaine (paternal great-grandmother)
Dillon Quartermaine (paternal half-uncle)
Jason Morgan (paternal cousin)
A.J. Quartermaine (paternal cousin)
Michael Corinthos III (Current) (paternal second cousin)
Jacob Spencer (paternal second cousin)




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