Ava Jerome (as played by Maura West on General Hospital)

Useful information about Ava Jerome

* Made daughter Kiki Jerome believe her father was tortured artist Franco. Kiki’s real father was Dr. Silas Clay.
* Tried to gain access to the Quartermaine fortune through Kiki.
* Tried to kill Franco but accidentally shot Olivia Falconeri instead.
* Killed Connie Falconeri and let AJ Quartermaine take the fall.
* Worked to help her mobster bother Julian Jerome take over the Corinthos territory.
* Had affair with her daughter’s ex-husband, Morgan Corinthos.
* Had one-night-stand with Sonny Cornithos.
* Had baby Avery with Sonny.
* Was thought dead after a prison escape.
* Battled cancer with the help of Silas Clay.
* Returned to Port Charles May 2015 pretending to be Ava's fraternal twin, Denise DeMuccio.

Who's played Ava Jerome over the years?

Maura West (May 8 2013 - present)

Past History

Ava Jerome first appeared as a friend Morgan Corinthos originally met over the internet. When he ran into gambling problems, he turned to her for help. While she hid him, Luke came looking for the Quartermaine heir at her place.

Years earlier, as an up-and-coming art dealer, Ava had an affair with artist Robert "Franco" Frank. When Ava learned she was pregnant she kept the baby away from the troubled, murderous artist. She raised her daughter Lauren Frank as Lauren "Kiki" Jerome and kept her in the dark about her paternity.

When her daughter was a young adult Ava lured her to Port Charles in order to get access to the Quartermaine money, as Franco was thought to be a member of the family. When Franco returned to town, alive and anxious for time with his daughter Kiki, Ava tried to shoot him but accidentally hit Olivia Falconeri instead. Ava decided to work with Franco and allowed him access to Kiki in exchange for sharing the spoils of an ELQ takeover.

Ava ran into her former lover Dr. Silas Clay, and once he met Kiki he asked Ava if she could be his. Ava insisted there was no way he was, lying about her daughter’s age. Kiki’s boyfriend Morgan Corinthos overheard their conversation and realized the truth – Silas was Kiki’s dad, not Franco! Ava convinced Morgan to keep her secret and it was soon revealed she wanted access to ELQ for her brother, crime boss Julian Jerome. He was not dead like everyone thought, but alive and angling for Sonny Corinthos’ territory.

Ava pushed for Morgan and Kiki to get married before Kiki’s true paternity was revealed. When Silas found out the truth he was livid with Ava and rebuffed her efforts to start a romance. Ava was upset but kept on secretly helping her brother take over the Corinthos organization. She encouraged Sonny to stop taking his bi-polar meds and he erratically denounced Morgan’s marriage to Kiki. Kiki left Morgan, who turned to Ava for comfort. Ava began a steamy affair with her daughter’s ex and he moved in with her. Morgan soon learned Ava was plotting against his father and she convinced him to join her side.

It was revealed that Ava was the real person who killed Connie Falconeri, yet she egged Sonny on about AJ Quartermaine doing it, fueling his hatred for the man. AJ finally remembered the night Connie died and confronted Ava. Sonny walked in on their fight and instinctively shot and killed AJ, whose hands were around Ava’s neck. Sonny was tortured by what he’d done and Ava became his confidant. They slept together in the Quartermaine crypt and because of it she lost Morgan. Plus, she became pregnant with either Sonny or Morgan’s baby.

When Sonny learned that Ava was the one who killed Connie, he vowed to take her life as soon as the baby was born. Ava asked her mother Delia Ryan to steal a flash drive from Sonny that had a recording of her confession but she failed. Ava then got Julian to help her. She learned he was working for someone posing as Luke Spencer and began to work for him too. Fluke ordered her to kill her daughter’s boyfriend Michael Corinthos, but she couldn’t do it. Meanwhile, nurse Sabrina Santiago prescribed Ava pills that would cause her to miscarry, mistakenly thinking Ava was the person who caused her to lose her own baby.

Ava evaded a kidnapping attempt by Sonny’s men thanks to Jordan Ashford, and in the process hit a man in the road, Jason Morgan. Morgan hid her and vowed to keep her and the baby safe from his father. She began cramping from the pills Sabrina prescribed her and while Morgan was off finding help, Nina Clay slipped inside and injected Ava with a drug to induce labor. With the help of her mother Madeline Reeves, they stole Ava’s newborn daughter. While in the hospital Ava’s confession to Connie’s murder was released and she had to evade arrest. She sought refuge with Silas, who was unaware there was a warrant for her arrest.

Ava got her daughter back and named her Avery, but was immediately taken into custody to await trial. In Pentonville she made plans to escape with Julian, Franco and Sonny, who were all also incarcerated. Their escape car crashed, and Carlos Rivera found Ava. He shot her and she fell from a bridge. She managed to hold on until Sonny found her. He tried to save her but she was too weak and fell to the water below. The entire town thought she had died and the search was called off.

While Kiki was planning Ava’s memorial, it was revealed Silas was secretly harboring Ava in a New York hospital, nursing her back to health. But when Silas discovered Ava had cancer that could only be cured with a bone marrow transplant, she asked him to assist in her death.

Silas led Ava to believe that was the plan too, but instead he kidnapped her infant daughter Avery to get her marrow, performed the transplant to save her life. When she felt better she could not stay away from her daughters and caused quite a stir when she came back to Port Charles on May 21, 2015 disguised as Ava's long-lost fraternal twin, Brooklyn beautician Denise DeMuccio. No one believed it wasn't really Ava, but a DNA test backed up her claims.

Flings and Relationships

Dr. Griffin Munro (lovers)
Franco (lovers)
Sonny Corinthos (one-night stand)
Morgan Corinthos (lovers)
Dr. Silas Clay (lovers)


Victor Jerome (father - deceased)
Delia Ryan (mother)
Julian Jerome (half-brother)
Olivia St. John (half-sister - deceased)
Evan Jerome (half-brother - deceased)
Johnno Ryan (half-brother)
Bob Reid (uncle)
Owen Ryan (nephew)
Avery Morgan (niece)
Samantha Morgan (niece)
Lucas Jones (nephew)
Evan Jerome Jr. (nephew)
Daniel Morgan (great-nephew)


Katherine "Kiki" Jerome (daughter)
Avery (with Sonny)


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