Amy Driscoll (as played by Risa Dorken on General Hospital)

Useful information about Amy Driscoll

* Nurse at General Hospital.
* A bit of a gossip and a flirt.
* Desperate to be in the Nurses' Ball.

Who's played Amy Driscoll over the years?

Risa Dorken (May 4, 2016 - present)

Past History

Amy Driscoll first appeared on May 4, 2016 at the hospital when Maxie Jones was looking for her fiance Nathan West. She was caught gossiping about Alexis Davis and Julian Jerome's part in an overdose patient by Sam Morgan, then inserted herself in Franco and Elizabeth Webber's disagreement about her son Jake.

When Lucy Coe overheard Amy gossiping about her she warned her that if she wanted to get onstage for the Nurses' Ball instead of working behind the scenes she needed to knock it off.


Chet (brother)


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