Alice Gunderson (as played by Bergen Williams on General Hospital)

Useful information about Alice Gunderson

*She is the housekeeping at the Quartermaine mansion.
*She's honest, loyal and says exactly what she means. (Which means she sticks out like a sore thumb at the Quartermaine house.)
*She has a soft spot for men and lights up when a male visitor comes to the Quartermaine house.
*She moonlights as a female wrestler that performs on under the name of "The Dominator."
*She has a crush on "Mr. Luke" Spencer.

Who's played Alice Gunderson over the years?

Bergen Williams (2006 - present)

Past History

Alice has been the loyal, yet outspoken housekeeper at the Quartermaine mansion for years. She has a crush on Luke, who she refers to as Mr. Luke, and waits on him hand and foot, much to Edward's annoyance.

Flings and Relationships







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