Ryan Paevey (Nathan West/James Nathan Reeves on General Hospital)

Current Character: Nathan West/James Nathan Reeves

Birthday: 1984-09-24

Birthplace: Born in Santa Monica, California


Ryan Paevey was born in Torrance, California, raised in Los Angeles. As the only son to Les Vlieger and Linda Paevey, the actor used to run track and cross country in high school, where he was recruited into acting and modeling. In 2012, appeared in Christina Aguilera's "Your Body" music video, and worked with Katy Perry, Cher, and as a body double for Robin Thicke in one of his videos. Paevey's first role was Detective Nathan West on "General Hospital," where he worked from December 2013 until his last scene where West was killed off on January 31, 2018. In addition to working on other films, the actor, while working on "GH," worked for the Hallmark Channel, playing Will Nash in "Harvest Love." As a side line, Paevey works on his jewelry brand Fortunate Wanderer, where he sells custom prints from his traveling and makes jewelry.

Career Highlights

General Hospital - Nathan West (January 2, 2014 - January 31, 2018)
4 Dead Girls: The Soul Taker- Jonathan (2012)
The Girl With The Gloves - Tom (2011)


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