Lisa LoCicero (Olivia Falconeri Quartermaine on General Hospital)

Current Character: Olivia Falconeri Quartermaine

Birthday: 1970-04-18

Birthplace: Born in Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Marital Status: Married to Michael Patrick Jann, son Lukas (2001)


Lisa's big break into action was in 1995's final season of "Lovng". She was able to play the same role on spinoff, "The City" until it was cancelled in 1997. After that, Lisa worked in films such as "Rush Hour 2" and "The Family Man" until she gave birth to her son in 2001. After taking a couple years off, Lisa went back to work doing voiceovers in video games. She auditioned for General Hospital in the role of Lois Cerullo, but didn't get the part. She was offered the part of Kathryn Fitzgerald on One Life to Live but didn't accept it because she didn't want to relocate her family from Los Angeles to New York.

Career Highlights

General Hospital - Olivia Falconeri (September 2008 - May 2015)
One Life to Live - Sonia Toledo (2004)
The City - Jocelyn Roberts Brown (1995 - 1997)
Loving - Jocelyn Roberts Brown (1995)

Awards & Acclaim

Daytime Emmys Nominee, Outstanding Supporting Actress (2015)


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